Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Chi You Clone Review

Solid build,cheap price at Rm190. Silver plated pins giving you a high firing rate. Really really good mod for it's price.  Get this at www.facebook.com/ringgobinggoii

Monday, 29 July 2013

Angel Vape E-liquids

B-Kool -Blackcurrant Ice (10 star rating flavour)

Emily- Strawberry + 4 flavours
Ale the Hackers- Licorice
Pop pop- Pineapple orange peppermint

Get this at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Angel-Vape

Durian Segamat By JTJ Flava Review

Woah woah woah for Durian lovers! This is a must have. Imagine vaping this,eating durian and durian cake from secret recipie. Best orgasm you'll ever get. Fantastic! More details soon. Get this from www.facebook.com/pages/wings-vapor-kg-baru-kl

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kir Fanis Evic Tube Review

Get this from Kir Fanis himself in www.gr-modders.com

Price of this tube is actually only 44 Euros,but due to the shipping cost,plus the vendors marking up the price,plus the limited availability,it cost really really high for me. But no regrets,really fantastic piece of art by Kir Fanis himself.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tabura Nimbus E-liquids Review

#1 The Pina - Pineapple Banana Mint

#2 Oracle- Orange Caramel
#3 Icy Dew -Mountain dew Ice
#4 Sarsaparello - Sarsi

Get this at www.facebook.com/taburanimbus

Siam Mods Pyrex Tank Review

Siam mods Pyrex carto tank. Love this so much I bought another one straight away! Hihihi :) Get this at www.facebook.com/pages/wings-vapor-kg-baru-KL 

Provari Standard V2 Review

Finally got myself a Provari. Hehehehe Awesome mod. More detailed review coming soon :)

3 from Mister E-Liquids review!

Vape Nectar by Mister E

Lemon Ice by Mister E

Pirates bounty by Mister E

Get all of the Mister E-liquids from www.facebook.com/vmorra.morra

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

E Liquid Review - Clouds of Icarus & Capo

What is up vaporians! We'll be reviewing two juices today. One that's really popular and one that's new to the Malaysian market. Do tell us what you think in the comments section. 

Happy Vaping!


Monday, 22 July 2013

Giveaway time!!!

Hi guys,as a token of appreciation with the Likes and Blog views. Here's the Giveaway!!! All you have to do,is share the facebook page,and also the blog. I will give 3 bottles of 10ml E-liquids away! These 3 is my personal favourites so I'm
 letting it go for you guys to try. The flavours are Jade Tiger by Mister E, Durian Segamat by JTJ Flava and also Butterscotch from MtBakerVapor.

Once the blog reaches 20,000 views,and the Facebook page reaches 300 likes, I will take all the names who liked the facebook page and use Random.Org to pick a winner. It will be shown in a video(so no cheating). Winner will bear the shipping cost. Goodluck! 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Vapage XL Review

Bought this mod off a friend of mine.

You can get more details and full specs on the Vapage website @ http://www.vapage.com/Vapage_V_MOD_XL_p/vpk-0245xl.htm

Leave your questions in the comments on the Youtube page.

Vape On!


Peach Melba by Mister E-liquid Reivew

Product Description

For fruit lovers, this will hit the spot. A sweet peach blended with Vanilla and Raspberry for a flavorful vape you can't put down.

Product Review
This is a fantastic E-liquid. It smells really really good,taste very fruity with a mix of peach and raspberry on the strong note. Vanilla is just lingering around the back. Overall a very very fantastic vape. Thumbs up!

32awg kanthal 3 wraps on a Novice Hybrid Dripper by Christ Creations

Get this at www.facebook.com/vmorra.morra

Mount Baker Vapor E-liquids

Got this directly from www.mtbakervapor.com use coupon code 'Vaporfrombaker' for 10% off your order!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jade Tiger by Mister E-liquids

Product Description

Jade Tiger is a delicious blend of Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, and a hint of coconut (barely detectable).  This is a brand new Juice from MEL and we are proud to have created Jade Tiger!  It really is a wonderful flavor. This juice will speak for itself. 

Product Review
Overall a very satisfying vape. Strong hints of Watermelon and pineapple,the strawberry is very well hidden insde the flavour. Coconut is almost non existent. But still,a vape nobody can hate. Good flavour,good throat hit and good vapour. Thumbs up! 

Vapage VMOD 2.0, 2 ohm AMG Hybrid Atomizer

Get this at www.facebook.com/vmorra.morra

Grenada E-liquid Review

Product Description

We don't even know how to describe this one! Here is what others have said:
Tropical Anise Bombshell!!!
Grenada is very fruity and refreshing and your mouth actually goes numb. Refreshingly Numbing!!!
Hands down favorite juice EVER!!!

Product Review
This is a flavour you'll either 'LOVE' or 'HATE'. I personally love it. It's this weird numbing sensation you get when vaping this E-liquid. Really awesome. Fruity mix of kiwi's make it taste even better. Two thumbs up!

Warning: This juice will cause your plastic tanks to crack,and also this juice will numb your tongue and basically make all your other E-liquids tasteless for a few hours.

32awg kanthal 3 wraps on a Novice Hybrid Dripper by Christ Creations

Get this at www.facebook.com/vmorra.morra

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pink Spot Vapors E-liquid Reviews

Product Description

Black Mamba: 'Like the snake, this martini inspired e-liquid has some serious bite ! A fierce blend of multiple flavors headlined by blackberry and a smooth cranberry flavor with a splash of citrus.'

Watermelon Wave: 
'A wave of watermelon favor will come crashing down on your taste buds. This fusion of flavors makes Watermelon Wave a MUST try!'

Product Review

Black mamba: An extremely unique vape. Definitely like a spicy martini,with hints of fruits in it. You'll love this one if you're an alcohol freak! ;)

Watermelon Wave: Well,tastes like a really quality watermelon vape. Fantastic! Thumbs up!


Vapage VMOD 2.0, 2 ohm AMG Hybrid Atomizer

32awg kanthal 3 wraps on a Novice Hybrid Dripper by Christ Creations

Get this at www.vapebrothers.com

Flavourz by Joe E-Liquid Reviews

Product Description

A delicious berry cupcake flavor with the perfect level of sweetness. With a butter aroma to end. Lovely, lovely vape.

Heaven's Nectar
An exotic blend of Pear Cream and Coconut - creamy, tasty vape.
Cup of Joe
This is the best coffee e-liquid I've ever tried. Smooth, creamy and thoroughly delicious. Enough said.

Product Review
Nice flavour to this one,one of my favourites. Sweet,cakey vape. Berry's are nice. Thumbs up!Heaven's Nectar
This one is an exotic vape. Very different from what you're used to. But kinda nice anyways. Sweet and hint of pinacolada kind of vape. thumbs up.Cup of Joe
Superb coffee vape. If you love coffee,please get this. Nothing else to say. Two thumbs up!

Get this at www.vapebrothers.com