Thursday, 5 December 2013

Morpheus Wicked Wire, Magic Wick and Twilled 316 Mesh

Oh yes, it's the folks from Morpheus again. They came up with a new product, actually 3 new products in one package. Yes, it's pretty steep in price. Rm35($12) but still there's nothing like this in the market. The wire is great, it's hard, probably around the 26-28awg size. But the beauty about this wire is that it doesn't gunk! A simple dry burn and it's good as new! Wonderful. Next off is the magic wick. Ah, the magic wick is definitely my favourite. It feeds juice like mad! Literally, juice runs up the liquid like a straw. Even better than SS cable in my opinion. SS cable is great, but i think this beats it out the water. Only downside that it's really fragile, not as fragile as ceramic, but still pretty darn fragile. It's like paper, with texture like sandpaper. Anyhow it's still pretty good stuff and I love it! Lastly it's twilled mesh. The boss of Morpheus spent sometime explaining to me what twilled mesh is. I will post a pic down below. It's basically Mesh, but with different criss crossing. Which is supposed to help juice flow and flavour. Yes it's not a HUGE difference but the flavour is definitely cleaner and smoother not like some low quality mesh. Ahemm china mesh *cough*. I got these setup in my Arrow and also my Taifun. Both working like a champ. Especially the Taifun. The flavour is great! I'm been putting my Kayfun's aside now for the Taifun. Very happy with it. Good job Morpheus. This is definitely a revolutionary product. Thumbs up!

+Works Superb!
+New technology never seen before

-Magic mesh breaks easily
-On the expensive side
Twilled mesh :)

Basically wrap the Magic Mesh with a bit of Twilled mesh

For Taifun or Fogger. 3 layer hybrid wick is awesome!

On a fogger, brilliant.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Chi You Clone with New Logo and 4 Season Sleeve

The Chi You clone, probably the mod that made me what I am today. When I reviewed it, never would I have expected the views it could get. It gained me a whole load of subscribers too. Thank you guys so much! So here it is, the Chi You clone with the new Logo. No idea who makes this. Doesn't look like Hcigar. But hey, it's top notch in build quality that's for sure! It has brass contacts just like the real Chi and it's pretty awesome. Love how the new logo looks, and the 4 season sleeve adds abit of class to it. Ridiculous how Mojo sells the 4 season sleeve for about $70 while this whole mod cost $40. LOL. Overall it's a hard hitting mod and is made perfect for my Taifun. 23mm looks just right and beautiful :) You can get this at for international buyers, link will be updated TQ.

+Good build and threadings are awesome
+Engraving is pretty decent
+Switch is better than the old Chi Clone

-Not an original design

Monday, 2 December 2013

Vapor Mad Project 14500 Mod

Heard of the strum mod before? I never actually. Until I saw this mod and asked the seller. Well basically the Strum has been out a long long time ago by a modder from Vaporwall. A local malaysian vendor decided to copy it's design, but changing some aspects to it. it's a 14500 mod. If you're lucky enough to find a 14650 then it's way better to use it. I basically paired up this mod with my Arrow Rebuildable which is 16mm. This mod measures to about 18mm in diameter. It's a tiny, sleek looking mod with amazing firing. The pure copper contacts on it just adds so much power to this mod. The switch is amazing, it's smooth. Really really smooth. The lock ring doesn't fail and it's made of brass which makes the mod look really nice in my opinion. Overall a very decent mod for the price. Retails around $60. Get this at

+Sleek and nice
+Threads are bang on
+Fires like a champ

-Not an original design
-14500 batteries are weak

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Taifun GT Clone Review

China has upped their game, now copying the Taifun GT. The Taifun GT has been out for quite some time but only now they decided to clone it. Well, maybe they took their time that's why this clone is basically a Taifun. It's nearly impossible to tell which is real and a copy. The threads are the same, which mean you can use the Original parts on this. The box is the same too. Look out for the 'R'. It's a better quality clone. People refer it to the TAIFUN GTR(LOL).  And it comes with serial numbers. DAFUQ. Well, enough said, if you are good are rebuildables, the taifun is the way to go. Offers are fantastic vape once setted up right. Like in the video I've said, if you don't set this right, you'll get flooding, dry hits, a horrible vape. But for a mere $20, it's a no brainer to get this. Too cheap not to buy. It's 23mm though, so a Chi You will be perfect for this atomizer. Get this or

+Great vape once setted up right
+Build Quality Superb
+Threads with Orignal Taifun Parts

-Not an Original Design

Kayfun 3.1 Clone by EHpro

Everyone loves the kayfun. I mean who doesn't?? So EHpro decided to come up with a kayfun 1:1 clone. Smart. A cheaper alternative to a pretty darn expensive atomizer. But does cheapness make it crappy? Nope. It's as good as the real deal. I don't own the Kayfun 3.1 but I do own the Kayfun Lite. I would say it's on par with the Kayfun lite, maybe even better with the choice of adjsutable airflow. Going in the market for a mere $50 or less. It's definitely a stunning vape for the price.

+Great vape
+Same as the Kayfun
+Dirt cheap

-Not an original design
-build quality isn't the best

Comparison between Kayfun 3.1 clone vs Kayfun Lite vs Russian 91% !!

Kayfun Lite Review

Ah, the KAYFUN LITE! So far no reviews of it that is Negative. Seriously everybody lovessss the Kayfun. I so happen to love it too. Well, I got it for the sake of owning a Kayfun. There are clones out there, the most famous one, the Russian 91%. As you guys know I do own one and I love it so much I decided to splash the cash for the Kayfun lite. Paid about $130 for it. Money well spent? Definitely. Build quality is good, the design is just stunning. Svoemesto must be a really techinically gifted person to think of such design. Each vape you take you will crave more. Surely the best Atomizer of the year! You guys can pay more and get the 3.1 which is bigger and has adjustable airflow which this does not have. Get this at 

+Build quality
+Good price compared to the 3.1

-No adjustable airflow (I found the airhole to be perfect)
-Quite expensive for some

COMPARISON Between Kayfun Lite vs Russian 91%

VG-T by Jemit Ekal

Jemit Ekal, or as referred to as Abang Jemit is a local Malaysian Modder. He makes three mods as of now, namely the Asset , Barong and the VG-T. VG-T stands for VapingGadget Telescopic. It is a telescopic mod that fits 18490 and 18650 batteries. 18490 mode is kickable. It's the cheapest among the three mods at a price of Rm280 ($100). Even though it is cheap, it's one of the best mechanical mods I've used. I'm still using it until TODAY. My everyday go to mod. Made out of 316 Stainless still with brass accents. It has a voltage drop of 0.1 volts which is stunning for the price of it. Looks wise, it's debatable, it's not the best looking mod in the market but I'm over it. 22mm it fits perfect with my Russian/Kayfun. Performance is topnotch and it never fails me. The lockring is not reverse threaded but still, never get's stuck. Brass contacts proves that copper and silver doesn't always win. One of the best mods of the year definitely. This is a WIN. Get this at

+Build quality

-brass is quite soft(Lock switch gets dented when dropped)

Hellfire Custom Drip Tip

Yes, it's been awhile since I've updated the blog, but here it is. This is the review of the Hellfire drip tip by Mohd Raihan. Handmade, it's a beautiful looking driptip with a superb design that actually, improves your vape. Never heard of such thing but it's true. Personally tried it and I'm really stunned that it works! I've basically explained everything in the video so hopefully you guys understand it! :)  Get this from Raihan himself at

+Looks good
+Improves vape

-Quite expensive (Rm55/$20)