Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NES Controller DNA20 mod by Joe Litt

Woah woah woah, never thought I would get a chance to review this mod. It's pretty high in demand. Made by the folks at www.facebook.com/Littupcustomecigs it cost about $150 and waiting list is until January as of today! Big shout out to my buddy Derrek who kindly lend me his to review. Saw this go on the Malaysian Auction page for Rm1500($500) the other day! Crazy! Basically it runs the DNA20 chip using the classic NES controller which unfortunately I've never played before due to my age. I'm only 20! But overall it's an awesome classic looking mod. Packs a 1000mah battery that can give you half to a full day of vaping time. I personally love this mod especially the DNA20 chip which works flawlessly! Two thumbs up for this mod!

Everything you need to know about the DNA20 please watch this video:

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