Friday, 31 May 2013

Paddle Pop by Ace Vaporz Production

There is a new juice maker in the market,and in my opinion,if you want to fight with the big boys,you have to be creative,think of a unique flavour and make it a signature,this is exactly what the folks at Ace Vaporz did. 'Paddle Pop' is basically a vanilla/caramel based ice cream that is made by Wall's ice cream. I'm sure there are alot of similar tasting ice-creams as they have this rainbow like look on it. If you like that ice-cream,you'll absolutely enjoy this juice. It smells fantastic! Exactly like the ice-cream. Which is pretty scary. I can't help but think of them just melting the ice cream itself and added nic to it. It's a 60/40 PG based E-liquid. Non-menthol and 12mg of Nicotine. You can also choose 6mg or 0mg. The vapor production on this E-liquid is decent. By dripping,you can get tons of vapor,for me,I used a carto tank for this review and it produced decent amount of vapor . The flavour on this is really really nice. A perfect desert vape. Touches your tongue with a creamy vanilla flavour then changing into a sweet caramel aftertaste with loads of ice cream. It literally tastes like the real thing! I'm not even lying it is that good. It would be nice if they added just a drop of menthol to it though to give it a 'frozen paddle pop' taste. But still,it's a perfect desert/all day vape. Throat hit on 12mg is pretty strong. As I don't really vape 12mg anymore I find this a bit hard to vape,but you guys can chosoe 6mg if you think 12mg is too strong!

+Wonderful smell
+Fantastic flavour

-Could have added abit of mint(personal preferences)

Conclusion: This is a must have,and for a new company,this is surely going to make it big time! It's unique,and a flavour nobody can hate! Fantastic. There are a few more liquids they've sent me but that will be for another review! :)

Mentos by Hidden Mist

Hey guys,this is Mentos by Hidden Mist. It's a local blend 0mg E-liquid with a 80/20 VGPG ratio. This liquid is made in Sabah! For you guys that don't know I'm from Sabah. Woohoo! So i'm pretty excited to try this E-liquid and really enjoy it. It's mentos. Straight up, a nice toothpaste like smell. The vapour production on this is insane. With a 0.6ohm dual coil and 2mm(x2) air hole. My Smok RDA pumps out clouds of vapor with this E-liquid. The flavour is very refreshing,I can keep vaping this just for the fun of it. There's a hint of sweetness,coolness to the vape,Not overpowering at all! It's a mild menthol vape and it's really fantastic. Throat hit is non-existent as there is no nicotine and unfortunately they do they make any liquid with nicotine. There are a few sellers of this E-liquid around so do check them out. One of them is my buddy Haidir . Just leave him a message in facebook and he'll deal it with you guys. Do check out the other flavours as they are awesome too!

+Nice thick vapor
+Sweet mentos vape

-Can't think of any

Conclusion: The fact I vaped 2 bottles of this E-liquid really shows how awesome this vape is. It's a nice vape,though it doesn't statisfy your throat,it does pump out loads of vapor and it's a refreshing all day vape. Two thumbs up!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caramel Popcorn DIYBlend E-liquid from

Hey folks,this is Caramel Popcorn made by Daniyal from DIYBlend. Bought this from Vapus for a price of Rm18. This is hands down my favourite e-liquid. I probably say that in every review. But trust me,there are ALOT of e-liquids that I've tasted that did not even make it to a review. So this is really good. 70/30 PGVG ratio. 12mg of nicotine. Caramel Popcorn,it smells like corn. It's a hard smell to describe but it doesn't really smell like popcorn. Vapour production on this is pretty decent. Nice amount of vapour. But the best thing is,the smell of the vapour is really fantastic. It smells like a Cinema! You know those caramel popcorns selling in a cinema? Yeah smells exactly like it! The taste is amazing! It's a caramel taste,with this weird transaction to a corn like taste. Definitely a must try! Love the flavour on this. The throat hit is also pretty decent. Not the best.,but does it's job.

+Amazing smell
+amazing flavour
+Pretty cheap(compared to Tastyvapor)

-Better throat hit maybe?

Conclusion: Try this. Seriously,you won't regret.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

German Chocolate Cake from Tastyvapor.Us

Another E-liquid for you guys today,this is german chocolate cake! According to the Tastyvapor website,German chocolate cake is basically chocolate cake with coconut frosting on top. This is definitely one of my favourite flavours. Got this from Sharky and it's from the Kuantan Vapers. They got it from tastyvapor and rebottled it and added nicotine. The smell is a bakery shop smell,not really pleasing but yeah it smells like those shops you go into to buy bakery products. Not the smell of baked cake,but the smell of all the stuff needed to bake a cake. LOL. Vapour production on this is pretty good. I got it setup in my AGR Carto tank,2.2ohm boge carto and my Lavatube vaping at 4.2 Volts. Since it's 80/20 PGVG ratio it's pretty decent in terms of vapor. Flavour on this is AMAZZZINGGGG! You get like a cakey chocolate taste in your mouth,with a hint of sweetness and also coconut! It's hard to describe,but it's really like vaping a cake. There's abit of butter in it too. Which I really really like. Throat hit is decent, 6mg of nicotine. Pretty alright.

+Flavour is great!


AGA T-2 Rebuildable Atomizer Review

Beautiful on a mech mod

Sorry it's been late but here is the review of the AGA T-2 rebuildable Genesis styled Atomizer. This is a pretty advanced piece of device because it is hard to build. There are tons I mean TONS of videos out there on how to rebuild this atomizer. So do check them out if you're interested in getting these type of atomizer. I say 'Type' because a genesis style atomizer is generally an Atomizer using a wick wrapped with wire. The juice will feed up the wick and produce vapor. Sounds easy? Not really,because the process is that you will have to oxidize the stainless steel mesh properly so that the atomizer will not short. And by wrapping wire on the wick,you might get hotspots and also very low ohm reading. Therefore if you're interested in getting this. I HIGHLY recommend you using a Mechanical Mod. First,because Mech mods are made for this kind of atomizers,secondly,Mech Mods don't have electrical circuit board on them,so techinically speaking the worst you can get is just a fried battery instead of a totally unusable Mod. The AGA T-2 is one of the cheapest rebuildable out there as it comes from china. But the quality of it is pretty decent. The tank which holds roughly around 3ml of E-liquid is made of pyrex glass so therefore it will not crack if you put in citrus/cinnamon based E-liquids. Okay so how is the performance of this,once you get it right(It's Hard),you'll get a very wonderful vape. The flavour you get on this is beautiful. So rich,so pleasant. Definitely WAY better than cartomizers or clearomizers. But that said,it's way harder to build and it will definitely leak if you throw it in your bag. So there is really a big difference between a Genesis style atomizer and a carto/clearo tank. To make it easier to understand, carto/clearo's are like a cigarette,easy to carry around,take it out and light it up and you're ready to smoke. The AGA T-2 is like a Cigar. A very different tasting vape,but hard to carry around. Vapor production on this is decent,it all depends on how you set your coil and also your air hole. The air hole can be drilled out to get more vapor,but also with a bigger air hole,you'll get very little to no draw at all. Then you'll experience a very airy draw. Throat hit is also very clean and smooth.

the setup,4 wraps 1.3ohms
+Build quality

-TOUGH to build
-Could be frustrating. Alot of patience needed

Conclusion: Well,if you're into this kind of stuff,or you have tons of patience,this is definitely something you should get. It's a wonderful vape. Personally I leave this at home,take it out once awhile to have a beautiful vape. But this never goes out with me,because of the leaking. So carto tanks are still the best if you're an out and about vaper.
it's important to not get hotspots

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A small update!

Hey guys,thanks for sharing and viewing my blog,for this last 3 months of running this blog,there's been alot of postive feedback and support. Thank you guys so much. Also we are reaching 7000 views! Can't imagine how successful  this blog would be. As you all know,I am a student. And I am very near my Final exams now. So I'm really really sorry the blog will be slowly updated! Because written reviews take much more time to write compared to shooting a review video. So please bear with me. Once I find time, I will write the written reviews. If you can't wait,then it's easy, head over to my Youtube channel at and you can see more review videos up there quicker than the blog. But if you fancy high quality pics and written reviews, don't worry the blog will be updated for sure. Just need some time! hehe thank you guys so much for the support. Appreciate it. Vape On peeps!