Wednesday, 20 March 2013

P.O.P DIYblend E-juice Review

So I've been reviewing different brands of E-liquids recently,from Hangsen,to Dekang to Liqua even tastemore. But now I'm looking for quality Local made E-liquids. And what do I find? This. Daniyal from makes this E-liquid and alot of Forumers are recommending me to try this. Well first of the Smell,as this is a custom blend with a name 'POP' . I'm guessing it's 'P' for Pineapple because that's the first thing you get from the smell. A strong pineapple base E-liquid. What about taste? Well,taste is fantastic on this. I love the flavour this puts out. Flavour wise comes the 'O' as it taste like a very sweet tangy flavour and fades away to a juicy pineapple taste. And of course the last 'P' i'm guessing is Peppermint as it does have a slight Menthol taste to it. It's nice,it's refreshing. One of the best E-juices out there if not the best. Throat hit? On the Boge XL,I get a slightly weak throat hit,maybe it's because of the VG in it but definitely it's on the weaker side compared to other 12mg E-juices. Vapour production on this E-juice is top notch. Love it so much. Even by using the boge I get insane vapour on this. Which is a huge PLUS!

+Very unique Taste
+Tons of Vapour
+Smells so good!

-weak throat hit
-bottle could be better

Conclusion: Well what can I say? I love this. A very nice vape on a sunny day. Hangsen/Dekang you guys should just fork out money and buy the recipe from Daniyal cause it's just that awesome. 5/5


  1. does this guy take personal order? or only for reseller

  2. I like it, this is really awesome

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