Thursday, 28 March 2013

KeCig K100(Empire clone) Mechanical Mod Review

Finally,after reading alot of reviews,I got myself a mechanical telescopic mod. What's the point of getting one? Well a Mech Mod is a mod that has no circuit board inside,which basically means,you won't get a short circuit like a normal EGO or Variable Voltage device. You can literally throw the mod into the sea and just let it dry up and use it again. Also a mech mod can fire any type of Atomizer even a low 0.8ohm. Also a mech mod is fixed voltage,and depending on the battery you put,the voltage to differ. Also it's a telescopic mod,what does this mean? Well it means that you can switch batteries and adjust to it's size. You can use a large 18650,18490,and the mini 18350 or even 18350 stacked! That's what a telescopic mod is for. Depending on the battery,like if you use the small 18350 700mah,you will get only around 4 hours of usage,the 18650 will last you a whole day and a half. It comes with 2 cartomizers,1 pouch,the body,drip tip and a cone for the your cartomizer. Pretty nice set and the build quality is fantastic! It's pretty heavy and definitely screams quality in terms of materials used. I believe it's made out of Aluminium and the connectors are brass. 510 connection is nice as the Original Empire mod uses a 910 connection. This is an EXACT clone of the Empire mod,which means you can use parts from empire mod and it will fit. There is a bottom fire button with a lock to lock it from firing in your pocket. The button has some feedback to it,abit too hard for me but it does the job. 6 vent holes about the body to ensure maximum safety if there's a venting battery inside. I tried this on 18650 mode and it fires probably eveything I throw on it. A carto,a boge,vivi nova,iclear 30,CE3,CE4+ and also a Dual Coil Carto Tank. Obviously since it is fixed voltage,I do not recommend you using Dual coil carto's and High resistance carto's as it will not give you a satisfying vape. I highly recommend a mech mod if you are looking into Rebuildable Atomizers and Dripper tanks. Because you have to recoil the atomizer,the chances of you shorting your VV device is there,so to be safe,use a mech mod and also AW batteries to ensure safety..

+Build Quality 5/5
+Beautiful Gold design
+Fully mechanical mod
+Telescopic to fit different types of battery(versitile)
+Fires any 510 carto/clearo/atomizer
+Will definitely last forever

-The threads are kind of squeeky
-The bottom fire button is a little bit hard
-Doesn't fire High resistance coils

Conclusion: Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. It's such a beautiful mod,the pictures really do not do justice and it works well and it does the job. Cannot wait to try out of RBA and RDA on this. 5/5 !

-18350 k100 compared to 18650 Lavatube
                                                 - On/Off screw is a nice feature


  1. Bro whats ur recommendation for tank in k100?
    N why not use dct?

  2. I just received mines today, and wow.....i think i'm gonna give my VV a break. Right now I have it setup with a IGO-W dual coil, with a single 18350 850mah battery. I love it. no buttons to tweak, except the firing button. i am very happy with this mod.