Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hangsen Cola E-Liquid Review

Oh, Hangsen. One of the best Liquid makers in Asia based in Hong Kong. This is a review of their Cola flavoured E-liquid. 'Red Cola' to be exact as they also produce 'Blue Cola' which is Pepsi.(God knows what's the difference) But yeah smell wise,one of the most legit smelling E-liquids out there. Rich,sweet cola aroma you get when you eat those cola candy's. Love it! The taste? Woahh,the taste is just amazing! Cola at it's finest! When you inhale,the taste builds up in your touch and once your exhale,BAM a gush of refreshing Cola taste on your tongue. Brilliant! Throat hit is heavy,due to the high nicotine level I got,you can't go wrong with 11mg or even 0mg,flavour would be awesome. As this is 50/50,the vapour you get on this E-liquid is superb! You don't need to worry about that here! Get it here at

+Wonderful Flavour
+Nice Authentic Smell
+Good strong Throat hit
+Loads of Vapour

-None really...

Conclusion: One of the best,if not the best E-liquids out there. I don't think brand really matters,Hangsen,Liqua,Dekang..if you choose Cola,you'll get the best refreshing E-liquid taste out there! 5/5

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hangsen Cappucino E-Liquid Review

This is the Hangsen Cappucino 18mg E-juice review. If you are a coffee fan,you'll surely love this. If you're a Milky coffee lover,you MUST have this. Very strong milky taste,with a good amount of sweetness and the coffee smell is strong. Vape production is not superb as it is a PG based E-liquid. Throat hit is strong. Get lower mg of nicotine if you don't want a harsh throat hit. Get it at

+Great smell
+Great flavour
+Heavy Throat hit
+Good all day vape

-Tastes more like Latte
-Makes the whole house smell like starbucks(some would like this)
-A bit too harsh of a throat hit for some

Overall this is an amazing E-liquid that you will not regret buying. Very strong flavour,no odd smell,smells exactly like what you expect from a coffee based E-liquid. Sweet,milky taste will go well with your daily morning coffee. Two Thumbs Up! :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Salem E-liquid Review

***PG Based not VG as stated in the video.
This is the Salem liquid review from Taste USA. This is a good refreshing E-liquid. Good for hot and sunny days. Fruity flavour is nice and menthol is pretty strong. Not too overpowering and not too light. Perfect for mixing with any other liquids.

+Menthol is strong
+Good fruitty After taste
+Universal Mix Liquidx
+Good Vapor Production

-Abit of a weak throat hit
-Smells like cough syrup
-taste nothing like the real salem liquid

Conclusion: Overall you can't really go wrong with this E-Liquid. Good for a hot day,cool on a rainy day. Best for the first vape of the day. Kicks off your day with a bang. Thumbs up 4/5.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

CE4+ Clearomizer Review

This is the review of the famous CE clearomizer. There is alot of different kind of CE clearomizer(CE4 V3,CE2,CE5,CE5+) and this is the CE4+. It features a tank system with a coil and 4 wicks. Standard 510 connection and a screw in drip tip. Vapor production on this clearomizer is fantastic. But it really depends on what kind of juice,I usually get like 18mg of PG juice and then mix it half with VG juice to get the perfect juice for me. It has 1.6ml tank which can hold quite an amount of juice. 1.6ml may last you probably half a day to a full day worth of use. It is rebuildable so you can change the coil once it wears out. It is recommended to change it every 3weeks to a Month worth of use. It is leak proof but it does leak when not properly screwed out(like I said in the video).

+Simple,Easy to fill
+Nice design
+1.6ml tank
+leak proof
+Huge Vapor

-Too many types,hard to trust a good one
-leaks when not screwed out properly
-Juice sometimes get in the coil and makes a watery vape

Conclusion: Overall a decent clearomizer. Lots of vapor,good flavour and decent throat hit. Just wished they improve the build quality more. 3/5 stars

Lavatube E-Cigarette Review

This is a review of the Lavatube Variable Voltage E-cigarette. It's one of the more advanced PV(Personal Vaper) out there but it's not that hard to use actually. I personally recommend this as it comes with a very attractive price. If,of course you get it from the right place. It's always sold out pretty fast so do contact me and i'll try my very best to link you to the best manufacturers of this product. The design is very nice,chrome finish is certainly a stand out among all the E-cigs and for it's price,it's really well build. 510 connector comes in handy as most clearomizers and cartomizers come in 510 connections. The screen that come with this device isn't a 'Retina' by any means but it does the job. It shows the ohm of the clearomizer or cartomizer you're using and also the voltage and battery indicator.  It's a variable voltage device so it can go between 3v all the way to 6v's. That's really good for you to try out different voltages and set it to your personal preference. Comes with two 2200mAh batteries which will last an Average vaper around 2 days. Which is really really good! Battery takes around 5 hours to charge. Vape prodcution and everything is what you expect from a VV device.

+Ease of Use
+Shows Ohm
+Well build
+Variable Voltage

-Might be too big for some
-Chrome Scratches easily
-Screen isn't the best
-isn't the most accurate in displaying ohm

Conclusion: The Lavatube is a very good device for Beginner/Experienced Vapers. Instead of splashing RM800+ for a Provari,why not get something that does the same thing,at 1/4 of the price? Even famous Reviewer Pbursado gives this a Thumbs up! So I would say,you can't go wrong with getting this :)

Monday, 18 February 2013


Hey guys! I'm new to the Vaping community and I have decided to stop smoking and start Vaping. So this blog will be All about Vaping. The good's,the bad. And also reviews of certain products such as Personal vaping devices,EGO's,tanks,cartomizers and E-liquids. I will post links,unboxing videos and reviews on this blog so you guys can learn more about Vaping from me. Thanks!