Monday, 28 October 2013


A mod I never expected coming, this is the GUS Core WHS from GUS mods. Mario, the brother of GUS himself hooked me up with this mod for free. I initially purchased the Switch which has ball bearings in it to review. Mario told me to pay shipping, so I did, and guess what? The whole mod came in. I was so damn happy, as a huge GUS fan, I was probably the most happiest kid at that moment. Alright, back to the mod. It has a 18490 303 grade Stainless steel tube. You can buy different tubes also and it comes with the Universal 22mmx1mm threading which means your Caravela's,Paps,Jm's will all fit with the switch and topcap. The topcap has a beautiful brass accent on it. The pins are quite unique and are explained in the video. The switch, Oh my, the switch. What a beautiful switch, ball bearings in there are silky smooth and never misfires. The throw is super short therefore it's ultra pinky friendly. Seriously it's one of if not the best switch I've ever used.

Performance wise, it performs like your average mod with Brass connections. Registering a voltage drop of around 0.3 volt. It's well capable for an everyday vaper. I personally use this mod everyday and I love it very much. Really reall top notch mod for a very affordable price. Coming in around $100. It's definitely a mod you should have in your vaping arsenal! Get this from

Steam Turbine Clone Review

Ah, the Steam Turbine atomizer. This is one of DocDaves masterpiece genesis style atomizers. Looks superb and definitely one of the best looking ones out there, in my opinion of course. But there is a clone, and the clone market is growing as rapid and new stuff coming. Fasttech is shipping more orders than any other vendor out there. So, is this a good atomizer eventhough it's a clone? Well I would start with build quality and say it's 'Pretty' good. I say it's pretty good because there are some pictures on facebook where I saw people's steam turbine(c) getting rusted. Which is a huge worry. If mine does rust, I will surely do a followup. But overall the build quality is good for $20. Really darn cheap. Performance? Well it comes with stacked airholes, and to be honest, it's pretty darn small. So it's best if you can drill it out. The base has 2 wick holes which allows you to do dual wicks which I never tried. Really affordable good performing atomizer even on single coil. I used #400 mesh on this and wicks flawlessly. In conclusion, I would  say it's a must buy. So cheap, so affordable, and performs great. Get this at

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sweet rave E-liquid by Danz

Sweet rave! No idea why is it called that, but this is another awesome juice that is coming out from Malaysia. It's basically a colgate(spearmint) tasting juice with berries in it. Sounds pretty simple? Yeah but hard to pull off. The mint is on the strong side for this but still bearable for me. Wished the berries was stronger than the mint. But still overall very very nice refreshing liquid. Throat hit is pretty good with this 9mg liquid. I'm guessing the mint brings up the throat hit alot. Love it.

Should you buy the DNA20 ?!

Here I talk about the DNA20 chip, not in detail as how it works, that I can leave it to the king 'Pbursardo' to explain. I'm here to talk about what you can do with it. 2 main strengths. Sub-ohm and 20 watts. That's the beauty of the of DNA20 chip. The mod doesn't matter, the looks is all up to you. The important thing is the heart, which is the DNA20. It's main selling point is the ability is to fire a coil at any resistant. Be it 0.2 ohm or 0.5ohms, the DNA20 will fire your coil. Which is pretty awesome. And another point is basically the 20watts setting. Hence, the name DNA20. 20watts is power some people would not use, but trust me don't be scared. Just try firing your coil at 20watts, you will feel a whole load of difference in taste and flavour. Really a fantastic piece of technology.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Steamboy Stormrider 2.1 Clone from Fasttech

This is the first product I got direct from Fasttech. Took forever to ship. Crazy. But it has finally arrived. It's a decent atomizer. On a scale of 10 I would give this a 5 for build quality. Orings are not tight enough, the plastic tank is thin and doesn't look very sturdy, the threadings are decent but then again it doesn't really line up with the airhole. Setting this up for me is pretty easy, 7 wraps of 27AWG wires with a SS rope and SS 400 mesh. Very good performance at 0.9 ohms. The dual 1.2mm airholes are huge enough to give me a good vape. Not too loose, not too tight. I normally don't touch the Airhole adjuster because it feels really flimsy. Overally a good performing tank for it's price. $20 plus free shipping, damn it's a really really good tank I would say. Get this at

Garing Vaping Powercoil Review

A surprise dropby at the Garing Vapestore last week. It's a fairly new store, but it's really really nice. Love that place, cool and relaxing. These are 27AWG round wires from Sweden. Performs like a champ. The video definitely shows it's power. Extremely easy to setup too! Overall a very decent piece of wire every Genesis style and Kayfun users should have ;) Get this at

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Infinity Mod by TS-Flipmods

Finally, my first Malaysian Made mod review. Huge thanks to by friend Derrek for lending me this. The infinity mod, what can I say about it? Well, it's a mechanical mod made from 316 Stainless steel with a Brass topcap and brass ring for the switch. It has a 22mm universal threading which means it has the same tubes as of the GUS,GP Paps,Caravela and ETC. It feels really solid in your hand and machining is top notch. What do you expect from a Rm550 mod anyways. The switch is interesting, it has reverse threaded locking machanism which is awesome! 5 star for that. The throw on the switch is very short, I still don't know how I feel about it. It's not the smoothest but also not the hardest. Think of it like a Chi you switch. Probably almost the same feeling towards it. Has a telescopic tube that fits all 18xxx batteries which is nice. 306 Naval Brass connections give really good performance to it. I am impressed with how hard it hits. Good enough for a normal vaper. So, is it worth your money? Well,since it's Malaysian made which means it's made with a very little amount, it's definitely one of those special mods people would want to own. I would say if you can afford it, it's definitely worth the splash. Good machining, good performance, money very well spent ;)
 Get this at

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NES Controller DNA20 mod by Joe Litt

Woah woah woah, never thought I would get a chance to review this mod. It's pretty high in demand. Made by the folks at it cost about $150 and waiting list is until January as of today! Big shout out to my buddy Derrek who kindly lend me his to review. Saw this go on the Malaysian Auction page for Rm1500($500) the other day! Crazy! Basically it runs the DNA20 chip using the classic NES controller which unfortunately I've never played before due to my age. I'm only 20! But overall it's an awesome classic looking mod. Packs a 1000mah battery that can give you half to a full day of vaping time. I personally love this mod especially the DNA20 chip which works flawlessly! Two thumbs up for this mod!

Everything you need to know about the DNA20 please watch this video:

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Swagger Vapes Premium Blend E-liquids

#Seriously WTF ! This is a seriously what the fuq kind of vape. Personally I love this, currently vaping my 100ml+ of these. My all time daily vape, never leaves my Russian 91%. Highly recommended. It's a blackcurrant ice, with a hint of Candy. Sweet,but refreshing. Awesome shit. Get this at

P/S: The bottles are made to spray! So you don't have to drip anymore, just spray and vape!

Gasfellas E-liquid review

Blancos Blow E-liquids made by Gasfellas!

Exotic Grin : An exotic, unique & complicated mixture of mango family touched with a soft creamy taste comes with medium strength of minty sensation. Kinda rare type of juice.

Hudson Bear : Medium cool sensation with a combination of lemony taste that treats 
Hudson candy like a memorial masterpiece. The most similar taste to the real deal.

Trebor Xtra : A slight taste of coffee muffins aroma blend with creamy flavor & a hint of pineapple sparkling finish. The best juice to vape while Chillex.

Overall extremely Unique E-liquids that will tingle your tastebuds, I highly recommend these for the brave ones. Awesome vape!

Get this at

Skyvapor E-liquids review

Ice hornett and Ice falcon. Rasperry ice and Watermelon ice. Two really basic but can't hate flavours. Really refreshing and nice tasting E-liquids! Get this at

Wow That Flavour(WTF) by tabura nimbus

WOW THAT FLAVOUR! A blend of Guava and Kiwi with undertones of Blackcurrant and also peach? . Superb tasting e-liquid. Refreshing on a whole new level! Get this at