Friday, 12 April 2013

KTS Mechanical Mod(GG Clone) Review

Size comparison on 18650 mode
Pinky fire botton with Lock switch

 This is the KTS mod,the GG Clone,the China GG,the Chi-Chi. Well,there's alot of names for this,but all in all,it's a very good budget Mech Mod. The design is based on the famous GGTS(Golden Greek) with the pinky fire button. And no,I don't have the privilege to try the GGTS so I cannot compare the KTS to it. But what I can say is this is a Full mechanical mod,no circuit inside,brass body coat with Silver and Gold paint,pinky fire button with a lock swtich,a slotted 510 connection so you can sit your Genesis style atomizers flush,and it's telescopic,so you can use 18350,18490,and also the 18650 battery in it. Does it perform well? As it is a mech mod,it only performs on whatever battery you put in it. So in short,it only pumps out 3.7v of power. That is more than enough if you plan on using this for Rebuildables. As rebuildables go as low 0.8ohm. It willl not perform will with your 2.4ohm and higher clearo's,or carto's. So keep that in mind. So overall,this is a decent device,very good looking that's for sure. It fires well,the connection isn't brass but so far no misfiring for me so that's a pretty good sign.

+Looks good
+Performs Well
+Pinky fire button

-Not stainless steel
-chrome finish,scratches easily

Conclusion: Overall,I really like this mod,I had no expectations whatsoever for this mod but it definitely surprised me. So much so that I'm using this more than my K100(Empire Clone) now. The pinky fire button is really nice too! 
Not a brass connection
18350 mode 


  1. in your video response to the comment you mention that the firing is better in the k100. why is this because of the spring? not a brass connection? what if we took away the spring and replace it with a copper one? thats better? and the conductivity what does it affect? does it drop down voltage? also i have read that the pinky fire button gets hot, why is that? im just a noob that wants to get into mechanicals and rebuildables. also i noticed that in the video youre using the agr locking tank i have that one, if the plastic was better quality id say thats the best tank in the world!

  2. Does this have ego threading as well as 510? I've been debating between the K101 and KTS, but I use mostly EVODs, so I need something with the ego cone thread.