Friday, 27 September 2013

The Russian 91% RBA review

Kayfun Lite clone with a twist, made my Upper Class Technology distributed by Kebo. This is one hell of a good Atomizer. Personally never tried the kayfun. Tried the Taifun though,pretty similar but this gives one heck of a warmer vape. Build quality is pretty good won't say it's the best. But from what I'm hearing the kayfun it's that great with machining too. A little bit on the expensive side but still awesome atomizer. Love it since the first vape. Get this at !

Thursday, 26 September 2013

GUS G22 Mechanical Mod Review

Yes, finally after 8 months of Vaping, I remember before I started, I've looked through Legadgets page and saw the GUS Telescopic in stock, and day in a day it was sold out. Instantly fell in love with it's beauty. Should have got it long time ago,but yeah finally it's in my hands. Hands down my favourite mod. Not because it's firing is good, it's actually just alright. But because it's like living the dream. Some people dream the Caravela, some people dream the fogatti. But mine is always the GUS. The owner 'Mario' is superb, very down to earth and nice. Discussed with him stuff and got this mod from him. I paid for it! And i'm loving it. Hopefully I'll get the new GUS core soon. Saving up. I'm truly a GUS fanboy now and hopefully nobody clones it! Get this at 

Monday, 23 September 2013

G-bell V2 by Yenki69 atomizer review

Never planned to buy this actually, but then I saw it going for $80 on the auction page so I thought, why not? Turns out to be a great little atomizer. It's very easy to setup, flavour is just absolutely fantastic due to it's reduced chamber. Only sad thing is that the wick hole is really small. So my SS rope will not fit. But 400 mesh works great anyways. Get this at

Smoktech RSST Review

Ah, the famous RSST. Regretted when I didn't purchase it when it first came out. Bought 3 AGA-T's in the process and all had issues. The RSST is by far the best RBA for it's pirce available. Yes, it's a clone of the AC9. But damn, it's a really good clone. Definitely highly recommended. Only sad thing is it doesn't come with a pyrex tank. Get this at

Monday, 16 September 2013

E-liquids by Mastavape

The story is interesting for this one. It's actually made by a pinoy company called Viperlabs. Then it's tweaked and rebottled to Mastavape.(Yes,it's official with signed contract) So how does their E-liquids fare? 2 words. DAMN good. The flavour they use on this is top notch. Very very true to the description. Both get's a solid solid 9.5/10 . Get this from

Grant's Vanilla Custard E-liquid Review

Such a highly rated E-liquid. So many reviews, so high demand, so high price. Does it live up to the expectation? Well, kinda. It's a fantastic juice don't get be wrong, but I really expected much more. Maybe it's just how it is. Maybe from my country which is in Asia, we don't come across Vanilla custard a lot. So we don't really know what a good vanilla custard is. Still, a very sweet and tasty e-liquid that gets a soild 9.5/10

Get this from

E-liquids by Double K review

Gonna be honest, never saw this coming. I knew Double K had a great reputation and good fan base. But damn, their Liquids taste really really good! Really stunned. Lemon ice is top notch and when you mix it with Mabel. Everything just comes to life. Wonderful E-liquids. You guys will not regret! Get this from and also

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nemesis Clone by Hcigar Review

This is,another clone from the folks in China. This time it's the Greek mod, the Nemesis by Atmomixiani. Superb firing at a reasonable price. Get this at 



DROP VOLTAGE TEST: 0.2 volt drop on a 2.2ohm coil.