Thursday, 28 March 2013

Health E-Cigarette Review

Got this because it is like 10 times cheaper than what I paid for the exact same device 4 years ago. I guess 4 years ago was the introduction for E-cigarette where auto batteries,atomizers and cartridges play a part in the E-cig world. But 4 years into the future,the Vaping planet has vastly improved in such ways never imagined. The introduction of Variable Voltage,recently Variable Wattage,Mech mods,Rebuildables have made these E-cigarette 'Nothing' compared to the big boys. So I saw it online and just decided to get it. For you guys who want to try vaping but do not want to spend a huge amount of money,this kit,Rm30 or more,is a steal. It does product vapour,it does have a auto battery with a LED that lights up(mimicking a cigarette) and most importantly gives you a throat hit that can take you away from cigarettes. Do I recommend this? Well,why not? it's not a huge amount of money you need to use to get this,and comes with 10 cartridges. That'll probably last you a month,and Rm6 top up for another 10? Damn,that's a good deal. No idea how long it would last you though,most probably 2 weeks? If so,you have already saved like Rm110 if you are a pack a day user. So yeah,definitely a recommended buy,but remember,I quote the legendary Grimmgreen: 'A vaping device that looks more like a real cigarette will not perform well if you're going into vaping'. Which is very true,this is by no means a good device if you are interested to go into Vaping. You'll be better off paying for a Ego or KGO.

KeCig K100(Empire clone) Mechanical Mod Review

Finally,after reading alot of reviews,I got myself a mechanical telescopic mod. What's the point of getting one? Well a Mech Mod is a mod that has no circuit board inside,which basically means,you won't get a short circuit like a normal EGO or Variable Voltage device. You can literally throw the mod into the sea and just let it dry up and use it again. Also a mech mod can fire any type of Atomizer even a low 0.8ohm. Also a mech mod is fixed voltage,and depending on the battery you put,the voltage to differ. Also it's a telescopic mod,what does this mean? Well it means that you can switch batteries and adjust to it's size. You can use a large 18650,18490,and the mini 18350 or even 18350 stacked! That's what a telescopic mod is for. Depending on the battery,like if you use the small 18350 700mah,you will get only around 4 hours of usage,the 18650 will last you a whole day and a half. It comes with 2 cartomizers,1 pouch,the body,drip tip and a cone for the your cartomizer. Pretty nice set and the build quality is fantastic! It's pretty heavy and definitely screams quality in terms of materials used. I believe it's made out of Aluminium and the connectors are brass. 510 connection is nice as the Original Empire mod uses a 910 connection. This is an EXACT clone of the Empire mod,which means you can use parts from empire mod and it will fit. There is a bottom fire button with a lock to lock it from firing in your pocket. The button has some feedback to it,abit too hard for me but it does the job. 6 vent holes about the body to ensure maximum safety if there's a venting battery inside. I tried this on 18650 mode and it fires probably eveything I throw on it. A carto,a boge,vivi nova,iclear 30,CE3,CE4+ and also a Dual Coil Carto Tank. Obviously since it is fixed voltage,I do not recommend you using Dual coil carto's and High resistance carto's as it will not give you a satisfying vape. I highly recommend a mech mod if you are looking into Rebuildable Atomizers and Dripper tanks. Because you have to recoil the atomizer,the chances of you shorting your VV device is there,so to be safe,use a mech mod and also AW batteries to ensure safety..

+Build Quality 5/5
+Beautiful Gold design
+Fully mechanical mod
+Telescopic to fit different types of battery(versitile)
+Fires any 510 carto/clearo/atomizer
+Will definitely last forever

-The threads are kind of squeeky
-The bottom fire button is a little bit hard
-Doesn't fire High resistance coils

Conclusion: Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. It's such a beautiful mod,the pictures really do not do justice and it works well and it does the job. Cannot wait to try out of RBA and RDA on this. 5/5 !

-18350 k100 compared to 18650 Lavatube
                                                 - On/Off screw is a nice feature

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cikang Red apple E-liquid Review

This is cikang. Based in Malaysia,made in Malaysia. One of the more 'well known' brands in the country. I recently purchased 3 bottles of E-liquid from them for Rm70. 30ml bottles each. What a deal! The price is attractive,but is the juice attractive? Well let's find out,the bottle is a standard 30ml bottle,the tip I'm not a big fan of but it does the job. Vapour production,very good indeed. Even on a carto,it performs well. It's stated by the manufacturer that it's a 50/50 12mg juice. Vapour for 50/50 juice is pretty outstanding to be honest. Very nice and thick vapour. Flavour is also very very good indeed. It's totally different compared to the Liqua Apple as this is Red apples instead of Green apples. Red apples are technically very ripe apples with a very sweet juicy taste to it,and this is exactly what it is. The interesting part of this juice is that when the vapour touches your tongue it gives you this very wet and juicy feeling which is very nice. The sweet red apples is unmistakable. Very nice flavour to this juice but it's a lil bit on the sweet side. Throat hit is good,12mg gives you a satisfying throat hit.

+good vapour
+taste like what it say it would taste like

-could be a little less sweet :)

Conclusion: Definitely a everyday vape for me. Sweet juicy apples,who doesn't like that? 5/5

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Innokin iClear 30 Clearomizer Review


The Innokin iClear 30,one of the latest clearo's out in the market,dubbed 'the best' by reviewers such as Grimmgreen,Pbursardo,Vaporchase. Does it live up to it's name? Well,I saw it on Vapebrothers for Rm40 the other day,and even though it's one of the most expensive clearomizers,this is pretty much a bang for you buck. Features a stainless steel body that can be removed,a 3ml tank,a rotatable drip tip and a crazy 16 wick coil head and a very nice 'ipod' like packaging. It does perform ultimately very very well. Why? Like the vivi Nova,it has the same concept,the coil head is on top and the wick pulls juice up to the atomizer. Why does this perform so much better compared to the Vivi nova,it's very obvious actually. 2 wicks vs 16 wicks,who wins? You will get absolutely I mean absolutely NO burn taste on this. The wicks does such a good job that your atomizer will always have juice in it. Well,maybe if your Clearo is close to empty,then you might experience burn taste but for me,I always fill it up after it goes down to half. Vapour production on this is INSANE! Insanity at it's very best,I know some of you a drippers,and I guess dripping will give you more vapour but for a clearomizer,this performs beyond expectations. As I love doing those long dragon puff's,this is perfect for me. And I really really love seeing vapour come out my mouth! Flavour on this is good,as good as it gets actually. Clean,pure flavour of your E-liquid. and throat hit? Pretty much spot on,depending on the juice you put in,you'll get that amount of throat hit. Is there any negatives to this? Well the screw in drip tip can be annoying sometimes,because you can rotate it to any angle you like,some people may like it,some people may not. For be,it doesn't bother me. Just wished I could change the colour of it that's all. Refilling this is a breeze. No problems whatsoever. And leaking? Non-existent.

+Vapour production 5 stars
+Clean flavour
+no burn taste
+no leaking
+well build
+nice packaging

-Non really..

Conclusion: Well,if you properly read the review,and you don't own one. I think you're pretty dumb not to go purchase one NOW. Like right NOW. it's sold out everywhere in the US,so far no cheap knockoffs yet,so go get yourself one and vape away!! 5/5

Friday, 22 March 2013


Hey guys,just want to let you know,don't trust any sellers selling their products through facebook. Be very careful and if possible try make a COD arrangement. If it's by postage,be sure to ask all the contact details,IC and look up for feedback on their page. I was unfortunately scammed by a seller. Paid a huge amount to get a telescopic mod,and the page just went missing. I will let you guys know the progress of this and hope everything will be settled,if not it's just going to be a learning step for me. NEVER take anything for granted. Never. Peace!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Vivi Nova 3.5ml Tank Clearomizer Revier

Oh yes,after a month of using,shooting 2 reviews and had to re-shoot due to some problems,I can finally write a review! So this is the vivi nova. What's so special about this? Well it's a Rebuildable clearomizer which has A coil head with wicks on top going all the way down to the bottom of the tank. Special? Yes. Efficient? Nope. Well how this works is the silica wicks are supposed to carry the E-juice from the bottom to the coil head. Unfortunately it does not always do that especially if you have VG based E-liquid,so I suggest you tip it upside down before you take a drag. Comes in 3 parts,the plastic tank,the coil head and the body. There's nothing to talk about the tank,it's just a 3.5ml hard plastic indestructible tank. And the body is just some metal/chrome finish. How does it perform? Well,vapour production you get on this clearo is mad. It's just one of the best there is. Flavour? It's pretty damn good. You get more flavour out of this than any other Clearo's I've tested..Throat hit? Equally as good. But throat hit for me always depends on your E-juice. Sounds like a pretty good clearo right? Well,alot of awesome reviewers like this,I personally do too,but the fact that it has the problem of wicking makes me not really use it that often. That said,let's see the PROS and CONS..

+Fantastic vapour production
+Looks fantastic

-WICKING PROBLEM(VG based E-juice)

Conclusion: Well,there's only one Con to this,and that con is so big that I don't really recommend this. If you're not lazy like me,then get this,it's pretty darn good. For me? Well,I'm going to get a Stainless steel mesh and make myself a SS coil head. that's right. so stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

P.O.P DIYblend E-juice Review

So I've been reviewing different brands of E-liquids recently,from Hangsen,to Dekang to Liqua even tastemore. But now I'm looking for quality Local made E-liquids. And what do I find? This. Daniyal from makes this E-liquid and alot of Forumers are recommending me to try this. Well first of the Smell,as this is a custom blend with a name 'POP' . I'm guessing it's 'P' for Pineapple because that's the first thing you get from the smell. A strong pineapple base E-liquid. What about taste? Well,taste is fantastic on this. I love the flavour this puts out. Flavour wise comes the 'O' as it taste like a very sweet tangy flavour and fades away to a juicy pineapple taste. And of course the last 'P' i'm guessing is Peppermint as it does have a slight Menthol taste to it. It's nice,it's refreshing. One of the best E-juices out there if not the best. Throat hit? On the Boge XL,I get a slightly weak throat hit,maybe it's because of the VG in it but definitely it's on the weaker side compared to other 12mg E-juices. Vapour production on this E-juice is top notch. Love it so much. Even by using the boge I get insane vapour on this. Which is a huge PLUS!

+Very unique Taste
+Tons of Vapour
+Smells so good!

-weak throat hit
-bottle could be better

Conclusion: Well what can I say? I love this. A very nice vape on a sunny day. Hangsen/Dekang you guys should just fork out money and buy the recipe from Daniyal cause it's just that awesome. 5/5

Dekang Cola E-liquid Review

So previously I reviewed 5 dekang E-liquids that were absolutely horrible. You might be thinking why am I getting another Dekang?!?!?! Well,first off,this is Cola. And I loved the Hangsen Red Cola and I was passing by this shop that was selling this so I went and smell it first. It smells similar to the Hangsen red cola so I decided to just get it. It turns out a pretty nice E-juice. New packaging,nice tip and better quality bottle. Vapour production on this E-juice is solid. PG based but it does the job in that department. Flavour? A good cola taste. Very similar to Hangsen Red cola flavour. Throat hit? Pretty good..

+Nice bottle,tip
+Smells like cola
+Good refreshing cola flavour

-Not much to say really..

Conclusion: Well,this is an overall pretty good vape. If you love cola,you'll love this. Hangsen or Dekang,you pick. They are both from China and both similar. So yeah, thumbs up!

5 Dekang E-liquids(Warning)

The following 5 E-liquids I'm reviewing is basically crap. The video tells it all. Smells nothing like the name(except for caramel mocha) and taste nothing like how it's supposed to taste like. Just be careful when buying these kind of E-liquids..

Tutti Fruitti(Mix fruit)
+Throat hit

-Taste nothing like mix fruit
-Smells nothing like mix fruits
-smells like Vegetables!


-Easily the king of crap. Everything is just God awful on this.

Caramel Mocha:
+Sweet mocha taste
+Good throat hit

-Not strong enough to be a coffee flavoured E-juice
-compared to hangsen coffee,this is nothing.


-Horrific,doesn't taste like anything I know.

+The name

-taste nothing like redbull
-smells like syrup
-just plain bad.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Oh hai.

Hello guys! There's officially one more writer on this blog! Just want to introduce myself to you readers out there.

- Jonathan L.
- 21
- Medical Student
- Relatively new to vaping

So yes, I can't wait to release more reviews and special products for you guys out there.

Just so you know, we just purchased a new Ego Twist and some pretty funky flavours this morning. Can't wait to review them for you guys.

Happy Vaping!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

CE3 Clearomizer Review

Ah the CE3 aka the Phoenix,dubbed the dual coil Cartomizer Killer,does it live up to it's name? We'll see. A box comes in 5 CE3 clearomizers and 2 blunt tips and a syringe. A 2.4ohm atomizer and A standard 510 connection and 510 driptip capable. Bottom coil which means all your juice will be flowing in the clearomizer without problems of wicking. But,the main question is,is it good? Well,first off it's a pretty well build Clearo,holds around 1.5ml of E-liquid and the only way to refill it is via a syringe. Honestly,refilling it is a breeze,but you have to carry a syringe everywhere you go,that sucks. How does it perform,well vapour production on this is very very good indeed. Depending on the base of E-juice you have,this can pump out clouds of vapour even on the KGO it performs really really well. So vapour production wise,this is top notch. Flavour,this is where this fails pretty badly. I have a Vivi Nova and a Boge to compare to,and they perform WAY better than the CE3. The flavour is really weak and the draw you get is a very 'Airy' draw. Like you can't really feel anything until the smoke hit's your throat. The throat hit for this is pretty standard. Nothing special in particular.

+Good vapour
+No burnt taste(unless you crank up the voltage)
+bottom coil
+good build quality
+no leakage

-weak flavour
-airy draw
-quite expensive compared to the boge

Conclusion: Well,I wouldn't really recommend this,but if you are looking for a good vapour producing carto and doesn't push out a strong flavour,this will be the clearomizer to go to..

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Liqua Traditional Tobacco E-liquid Review

So,an E-liquid flavour from Liqua that is Tobacco based. How is it? Well,it's pretty good to be honest. Smells like a sweet caramel tobacco and taste? It really does taste like tobacco. A kinda sweet spicy tobacco to be exact. On the inhale,it taste kinda sweet,tobacco'ish taste and on the exhale you get that dry spicy tobacco you get from smoking filter cigarettes. Vapour production on this is pretty alright. Not alot of vapour but enough to give you a satisfying vape. Throat hit? 12mg nicotine on this gives you a good enough throat to satisfy your cravings. I don't recommend you getting this if you just stopped smoking though because your taste buds will be kinda weak and so the flavour would taste pretty nasty for you.

+Taste like tobacco
+Good throat hit

-If you're a non smoker you won't like this
-not everyone likes tobacco based E-juice

Conclusion: If you miss tobacco taste,get this. That's all I can say. This is the closest you can get without having to smoke a cigarette. thumbs up!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Liqua Berry Mix E-liquid Review

Liqua Berry mix by GoRichty,No doubt one of the best sellers in the market,but how does it perform? Well,first off this is a very unique E-liquid. Berry's are something alot of people like as they put it on pancakes,juices,cocktails and Etc. This juice really replicates that unique taste to it. Smell wise,it's quite dull to be honest. Maybe it's because Berry's are generally not strong in smell. But you can definitely smell a sweet,sourish berry smell. Flavour is unique. A sourish/sweet hit when it touches your tongue and after that comes a sweet berry exhale. Definitely a very nice vape indeed. Throat hit on 9ml of Nicotine is alright,not that heavy and definitely not light at all. As this is a PG based E-liquid,vapour production is pretty average. Nothing to spactacular on my Boge XL carto's. Get this E-liquid at

+Unique Flavour
+Wonderful aftetaste
+perfect for a dessert kind of vape

-Not everybody would like a sourish vape
-kinda pricey

Conclusion: Definitely one of those E-liquid's you will enjoy. I still can't get over the fact of how unique it tastes like. Really good E-liquid. Two thumbs up!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Boge XL Cartomizer Review

If you are looking for good cartomizers,look no further,the Boge is the brand for you. Present in the market since E-Cigarettes were made,Boge makes one of the best consistent cartomizers in the market. It's a very simple design which features a single coil,a wick,510 connection. That's it. The beauty of it is you can drip in your E-juice with ease and leakage is present but very minimal. Pre-filling this takes a bit of your time but it's nothing to hard to this. The carto can handle 0.8ml of juice.Performance? Very good. I bought 10 of these and all 10 work flawlessly well. Being SR(standard resistance and LR(Low resistance), you can choose your carto's resistant. I recommend just buying the Low resistance as it is a better overall vape. Vapour production is decent on this,depending on the juice you have. I recommend using PG based juice as it will be easier to fill on this. Wicking a VG based juice will be fine but will take a break in period. Flavour? Best. You can probably get the best flavour out of this carto and I am not lying at all. Throat hit? It depends on your nicotine level. I personally use 9mg and it does the job very well.

+Well build
+Good vapour
+Amazing flavour

-Could have made a bigger size
-Need a drip tip to perform well

Conclusion: Overall a very pleasing product for me to review. Absolutely love this product and give it a two thumbs up! You can't go wrong with this at all!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Hangsen Litchi/Lychee E-Liquid Review

Oh my,this is amazing! I'm not over aggregating,this is really awesome!! Litchi/Lychee is a fruit originated from China and is famous for their candys,fruit and juices in asia. It's a very unique fruit and it's something you have to try to believe! Hangsen makes alot of different flavoured juice but I must say since they are a Chinese based company,they made this really close to perfection. The smell and taste is exactly like how it tastes like from what I've come across with. Wonderful! A sweet,lychee flavoured vape is what you need everyday. Vapour production is pretty decent too,for a PG based E-liquid it's good. Throat hit on 12mg of Nicotine is strong and nice enough to satisfy your cravings. Get it here at

+Smells like Lychee
+Taste like Lychee
+Wonderful aftertaste

-Some might not like Lychee
-vapour production could be better

conclusion: the bottom line is,if you like lychee,I am very sure you'll love this. If you never tried it before,I dare you to try it! Definitely a two thumbs up!

Liqua Apple E-liquid Review

Ah,Liqua. One of the most premium E-liquids I know of. Cost a lil bit more than the Hangsen and boy does it deliver! This is the Apple flavoured E-liquid. More coming definitely! This comes in a nicely presented box and the bottle is sealed and made out of high quality plastic with a slightly angled tip for ease of use. The smell that comes out of this is amazing,it smells like Green Apples! Just like how it is stated! Loveee the smell,even the vapour it produces smells like green apples! Taste wise,it's pretty alright,a not too sweet apple taste during the inhale and a roasted apple flavour at the exhale. Brilliant! Vapour production is decent,not the best,but it does the job pretty well! Throat hit on 9ml of nicotine is what you get,and I love it. If you are a smoker,this is the closest amount of throat hit you get from a normal cigarette. Get this at

+Smells GOOD
+Taste very good and refreshing
+Very consistent

-pretty pricey

Conclusion: Liqua is a really good manufacturer and I'll definitely buy from them more often. Superb taste and good quality product. Thumbs up! definitely a daily vape!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

KGO E-Cigarette Review

Ah, the KGO, one of the most well known E-Cigarette starter packs in the market. Cheap,looks good and does the job. It always runs out of stock so make sure if  you are interested in getting one,buy it before it's too late. The KGO pack comes With 2 1100mAh batteries and 2 CE4+ cartomizers(Review in my blog). These are really good cartomizers but in my opinion not the best for a standard voltage device. These 1100mAh batteries can give you about like 10 hours of vaping time at 3.7V and surely last you an entire day of normal vaping. The batteries feature a 5 click On/Off safety feature so you will not press it accidentally.  They look super sleek too with the Boge XL Cartomizers. The down side is that this is not a variable voltage device,so it's hard for the device to give you warm vapour on high resistance atomizers. Anything higher than 2.4oHm will be a problem.

+Sturdy & Well build
+3.7V of output power
+Battery last a long time
+Good amount of vapour production
+small & easy to carry around

-Non Variable Voltage
-No battery level indicator
-Can't power High Resistant Atomizers

Conclusion: Beginner? You can't go wrong with this. Very good basic battery that does the job for you. If you are a more experienced vaper, then I don't suggest you go for this as it will not satisfy your high resistance cartomizers. 4/5