Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Grenada E-liquid Review

Product Description

We don't even know how to describe this one! Here is what others have said:
Tropical Anise Bombshell!!!
Grenada is very fruity and refreshing and your mouth actually goes numb. Refreshingly Numbing!!!
Hands down favorite juice EVER!!!

Product Review
This is a flavour you'll either 'LOVE' or 'HATE'. I personally love it. It's this weird numbing sensation you get when vaping this E-liquid. Really awesome. Fruity mix of kiwi's make it taste even better. Two thumbs up!

Warning: This juice will cause your plastic tanks to crack,and also this juice will numb your tongue and basically make all your other E-liquids tasteless for a few hours.

32awg kanthal 3 wraps on a Novice Hybrid Dripper by Christ Creations

Get this at www.facebook.com/vmorra.morra

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