Friday, 26 April 2013

Mango DIYBlend E-liquid Review

AH,a review of my favourite fruit,Mango! So I've been using this E-liquid as my daily vape now. As I said in the video, I usually have 2 mods with me wherever I go,1 is for a non-menthol vape and 1 for a menthol vape. And this is definitely one of my favourite flavours. For me I kinda like this more than the Highly rated POP. Just in my opinion anyways. The smell is kinda shut out by the mint,OH by the way this is a menthol based E-liquid. So it's basically 'mango mint'. The vapour production on this is pretty good. I got it setup on my IGO-L and it's performing like a boss! The flavour is nice. I wouldn't say it really taste like mango,but it has a nice menthol balance to it. That's why I like it. Not too strong,not too weak. The mango is there,touches your tongue with a pretty nice tingle of mango but other than that nothing too spectacular. Throat hit is just okay,nothing to special.

+Nice balance of Menthol
+vapour production

-mango not that dominant
-label does not say mint

Conclusion: If you're looking for a nice fruity minty vape,go for this. This is awesome. Strawberry mint and Mango is probably my favorite now. Thumbs up!

Mango Peach DIYBlend E-liquid Review

After testing alot of DIYBlend E-liquid, I can safely say their E-liquids are pretty darn good for it's price. Of course I haven't tried any of the US liquids but so far DIYBlend does not disappoint at all. This is mango peach. And from the name,well it does smell like mango peach,but the peach smell is pretty overpowering. So do keep that in mind. Vapor production on this is pretty decent as well,from what I can conclude from DIYBlend,you won't get disappointing vapour from them. Flavour,hmm this is non menthol,and it taste kinda like a fresh peach. Not much sweetness in it,but the peach is pretty strong. If you're not a peach fan,then well,it's definitely not for you. The mango is there,but ever so slightly there. Throat hit is pretty alright,not too strong,but not really too weak. It's balanced,I would say..6mg?

+Nice smell
+unique peach taste

-mango not really there

Conclusion: Well this is an 'Okay' E-liquid for me. Maybe of not a fan of peach? Just maybe,but I know some of you out there would really enjoy this E-liquid.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Honeydew DIYBlend E-liqud from

Honeydew flavour e-liquid! I love honeydew,so how this this fare? Well,straight off I would say this is a pretty nice juice. It's menthol based though,so I would probably call this Honeydew Mint! Made by the famous Daniyal who makes the P.O.P and stuff. This is a good quality E-liquid. The smell is a nice milky honeydew. No idea why I can smell milk in it,maybe in general honeydew smells like that. It's definitely an artificial honeydew flavour like the candy's and also honeydew milk(if you drank it before). Vapour production on this is pretty nice. It's a fresh honeydew flavour but kinda covered up by the menthol. It's not a super strong menthol but it's definitely noticeable. It touches your tongue with a nice honeydew flavour and stays in your mouth for awhile. I personally love the smell of honeydew so this is a really nice one for me. Throat hit is alright,isn't the best but it does the job. Go to and use coupon code 'DIYFAN' to get discount :)

+smells like honeydew
+tastes like honeydew

-mint a little bit too overpowering

Conclusion: Overall,this is a good flavour to get,refreshingly good,definitely a nice vape on a hot sunny day. Thumbs up!

Monday, 15 April 2013

IGO-L Rebuildable Atomizer Review

This is my first Rebuildable Atomizer(RDA) . I would say  this is a more for the advanced vapers as you will have to build your own coil,and work in small tiny spaces. The IGO-L is a relatively cheap RDA and more of a beginners RDA. I recommend this for you if you want to try it out. It's pretty basic,just 2 post,1 positive and 1 negative post. A silica wick wrapped with kanthal/nichrome wire connected to both of the posts. Sounds easy? Not really. Well it really takes practice to perfect the art of rebuildables. Just be sure to be prepared as you will get frustrated along the way. But at the end of the day,you'll be very pleased with the performance. My setup was 1mm silica wick folded 4 times and wraped with a 32AWG Kanthal wire with 4 wraps. That gave me 1.3ohm of resistance. The flavour you get on a RDA is intense. Nothing like you've ever tasted before if you are still using carto's,and clearo's,well expect flavours you never thought existed in your E-juices. Vapour production is good too but if you drill out the air hole,you'll get tons of vapour. But also you will get a very airy draw. There is so much you can do with this,single coil,dual coil,Quad coil! Silica wick,cotton wick,ceramic wick,hybrid mesh wicks. The list goes on! So surf around youtube,there's alot of tutorials out there on how to build these perfectly. Links are also in my video so do check it out! Overall,i'm pretty pleased with this! Thumbs up! 

Video Tutorials:
Vapelyfe Tutorial
Pbusardo Tutorial
Andy Sutton's tutorial

There's a drip well to hold your excess e-liquids

Not the most beautiful devices out there

Friday, 12 April 2013

KTS Mechanical Mod(GG Clone) Review

Size comparison on 18650 mode
Pinky fire botton with Lock switch

 This is the KTS mod,the GG Clone,the China GG,the Chi-Chi. Well,there's alot of names for this,but all in all,it's a very good budget Mech Mod. The design is based on the famous GGTS(Golden Greek) with the pinky fire button. And no,I don't have the privilege to try the GGTS so I cannot compare the KTS to it. But what I can say is this is a Full mechanical mod,no circuit inside,brass body coat with Silver and Gold paint,pinky fire button with a lock swtich,a slotted 510 connection so you can sit your Genesis style atomizers flush,and it's telescopic,so you can use 18350,18490,and also the 18650 battery in it. Does it perform well? As it is a mech mod,it only performs on whatever battery you put in it. So in short,it only pumps out 3.7v of power. That is more than enough if you plan on using this for Rebuildables. As rebuildables go as low 0.8ohm. It willl not perform will with your 2.4ohm and higher clearo's,or carto's. So keep that in mind. So overall,this is a decent device,very good looking that's for sure. It fires well,the connection isn't brass but so far no misfiring for me so that's a pretty good sign.

+Looks good
+Performs Well
+Pinky fire button

-Not stainless steel
-chrome finish,scratches easily

Conclusion: Overall,I really like this mod,I had no expectations whatsoever for this mod but it definitely surprised me. So much so that I'm using this more than my K100(Empire Clone) now. The pinky fire button is really nice too! 
Not a brass connection
18350 mode 

2 cent Safety Fuse for E-cigarette

A 2 cent safety fuse,what is it for? Well when you have a Mechanical Mod,it does not have circuit protection. There is a chance you might own a faulty battery,or a battery that does not have short circuit protection. So what can you do about it? Get a safety fuse. The fuse is placed on the bottom of your battery and if for some reason your battery decides to short,or vent,the fuse will pop and cut out power coming out from the battery. This will mean you won't be exposed to an electricity discharge :) It's cheap,it's good just for an extra safety measurement. Especially for those of you who like to try out new things like putting quad Coils on a RDA or putting dual coils on RBA's.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Strawberry Mint DIYBlend E-liquid from

Hey guys! Finally got my first of 17 bottles of free E-liquids kindly given to me from the good folks at Vapus. So first off,this is purely an honest review and not influenced by any means. Okay,strawberry mint made by Daniyal from DIYblend,repackaged by Vapus, 12mg. 70/30 PG based. How does it perform? First off the smell is nice,you get like a F&N kind carbonated drink strawberry smell to it and also a minty smell at the end. Flavour wise,it's pretty decent. The mint takes up 85% of this E-liquid though so it's more of a menthol vape. Menthol lovers would no doubt like this. I'm personally not a methol lover,but this is a good refreshing vape. It touches your tongue with a slight hint of strawberry and then burst into a nice cooling mint sensation. It's not like a 'BOOM' menthol but it's nice enough to sooth your throat. Throat hit as I say on all my DIYblend e-liquids,it's not really 12mg. More like 6mg in my opinion. But it's good. I really enjoy this vape.

+Smells nice
+Taste is a fresh cooling strawberry mint

-Menthol based(subjective)

Conclusion: Well I really liked this and thus I would recommend this to any menthol lovers or someone who would want to have a menthol liquid lying around just for a vape on a hot sunny day. Get this at and insert COUPON CODE: 'DIYFAN' to get discount :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

AGR Carto Tank Review

 Ah from the creators of the overly famous AGA-T, comes a Carto tank system dubbed the AGR tank. So,what's so great about this tank compared to the others? Well,it's a carto tank that fits Unflanged carto's. Yes you are right,this will fit your favourite Boge carto's. It comes with 2 plastic tanks one for the standard carto's and 1 for XL versions.(Refer to pic below) The top and bottom cap is made of stainless steel and it comes with an extra adapter with air holes cut into it to provide air flow. The reason for the adapter is because once your carto's is locked in,the connection is pretty short,so the adapter allows your carto to connect with your device. It's a pretty sleek looking device but keep it mine with the 6ml tank it's pretty huge. There's a fill hole on top that you can use to fill your tank. A syringe is need though. Overall the performance of this tank is very good indeed. If you love boge carto's,or anyt carto's that does not have a flange,and it's pre-punched,get this tank. Does the job and will probably last you forever.

+Superb Built quality
+comes in 3ml and 6ml tank
+comes with an adapter that looks good

-pretty expensive
-syringe is needed to fill
-kind of huge(6ml tank)

Conclusion: It's a pretty good carto tank I would say. Just fill in 5ml of juice,and that'll probably last you a good 2 days without having to refill it. Definitely my favourite device so far. 5/5

3ml Tank

6ml tank

Saturday, 6 April 2013

We are on Facebook! And 3000+ viewers!

Hey guys just to update you all we are on Facebook at MalaysianVapeAddict do 'like' or page for more updates and also interact with us there :) if you have any questions just post on our wall and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Also the Malaysianvapeaddict team would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to all of you supporting and reading this blog. Not even 2 months running and we have achieved 3000+ views and growing rapidly! We have no idea this would be a success and we hope our videos has helped you guys in some way or another. 'Stop smoking,start vaping,save money and save life!' Peace!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Liqua Citrus Mix E-liquid review

Liqua has so far never disappointed me,so this is my fourth Liqua E-liquid. Citrus mix..How does it perform? Well it's safe to say this is a pretty decent juice. One of the more 'mild' flavour juices out there. Which I personally really like. The smell is a  like orange/lemon mix. So no nasty chemical smell there. Vapour production is as good as it gets. On standard boge carto's they perform really well. The flavour is a very unique one. It is a sourish/sweet tangy orange flavour and on the exhale you get this dry lemon taste. Very refreshing indeed! The flavour is on the mild side so it's not too strong and on a vivi nova it might taste abit tasteless. Throat hit on 9mg is nice and satisfying.

+Nice smell
+Nice and unique flavour

-none really

Conclusion: Well this is an e-juice I don't think anybody can hate. It's just nice,not too strong. Good for a daily vape. Mix this with other E-liquids to get a different taste! 4/5