Thursday, 26 September 2013

GUS G22 Mechanical Mod Review

Yes, finally after 8 months of Vaping, I remember before I started, I've looked through Legadgets page and saw the GUS Telescopic in stock, and day in a day it was sold out. Instantly fell in love with it's beauty. Should have got it long time ago,but yeah finally it's in my hands. Hands down my favourite mod. Not because it's firing is good, it's actually just alright. But because it's like living the dream. Some people dream the Caravela, some people dream the fogatti. But mine is always the GUS. The owner 'Mario' is superb, very down to earth and nice. Discussed with him stuff and got this mod from him. I paid for it! And i'm loving it. Hopefully I'll get the new GUS core soon. Saving up. I'm truly a GUS fanboy now and hopefully nobody clones it! Get this at 

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