Monday, 28 October 2013

Steam Turbine Clone Review

Ah, the Steam Turbine atomizer. This is one of DocDaves masterpiece genesis style atomizers. Looks superb and definitely one of the best looking ones out there, in my opinion of course. But there is a clone, and the clone market is growing as rapid and new stuff coming. Fasttech is shipping more orders than any other vendor out there. So, is this a good atomizer eventhough it's a clone? Well I would start with build quality and say it's 'Pretty' good. I say it's pretty good because there are some pictures on facebook where I saw people's steam turbine(c) getting rusted. Which is a huge worry. If mine does rust, I will surely do a followup. But overall the build quality is good for $20. Really darn cheap. Performance? Well it comes with stacked airholes, and to be honest, it's pretty darn small. So it's best if you can drill it out. The base has 2 wick holes which allows you to do dual wicks which I never tried. Really affordable good performing atomizer even on single coil. I used #400 mesh on this and wicks flawlessly. In conclusion, I would  say it's a must buy. So cheap, so affordable, and performs great. Get this at

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