Monday, 28 October 2013


A mod I never expected coming, this is the GUS Core WHS from GUS mods. Mario, the brother of GUS himself hooked me up with this mod for free. I initially purchased the Switch which has ball bearings in it to review. Mario told me to pay shipping, so I did, and guess what? The whole mod came in. I was so damn happy, as a huge GUS fan, I was probably the most happiest kid at that moment. Alright, back to the mod. It has a 18490 303 grade Stainless steel tube. You can buy different tubes also and it comes with the Universal 22mmx1mm threading which means your Caravela's,Paps,Jm's will all fit with the switch and topcap. The topcap has a beautiful brass accent on it. The pins are quite unique and are explained in the video. The switch, Oh my, the switch. What a beautiful switch, ball bearings in there are silky smooth and never misfires. The throw is super short therefore it's ultra pinky friendly. Seriously it's one of if not the best switch I've ever used.

Performance wise, it performs like your average mod with Brass connections. Registering a voltage drop of around 0.3 volt. It's well capable for an everyday vaper. I personally use this mod everyday and I love it very much. Really reall top notch mod for a very affordable price. Coming in around $100. It's definitely a mod you should have in your vaping arsenal! Get this from

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