Saturday, 19 October 2013

Steamboy Stormrider 2.1 Clone from Fasttech

This is the first product I got direct from Fasttech. Took forever to ship. Crazy. But it has finally arrived. It's a decent atomizer. On a scale of 10 I would give this a 5 for build quality. Orings are not tight enough, the plastic tank is thin and doesn't look very sturdy, the threadings are decent but then again it doesn't really line up with the airhole. Setting this up for me is pretty easy, 7 wraps of 27AWG wires with a SS rope and SS 400 mesh. Very good performance at 0.9 ohms. The dual 1.2mm airholes are huge enough to give me a good vape. Not too loose, not too tight. I normally don't touch the Airhole adjuster because it feels really flimsy. Overally a good performing tank for it's price. $20 plus free shipping, damn it's a really really good tank I would say. Get this at

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