Monday, 25 February 2013

Hangsen Cappucino E-Liquid Review

This is the Hangsen Cappucino 18mg E-juice review. If you are a coffee fan,you'll surely love this. If you're a Milky coffee lover,you MUST have this. Very strong milky taste,with a good amount of sweetness and the coffee smell is strong. Vape production is not superb as it is a PG based E-liquid. Throat hit is strong. Get lower mg of nicotine if you don't want a harsh throat hit. Get it at

+Great smell
+Great flavour
+Heavy Throat hit
+Good all day vape

-Tastes more like Latte
-Makes the whole house smell like starbucks(some would like this)
-A bit too harsh of a throat hit for some

Overall this is an amazing E-liquid that you will not regret buying. Very strong flavour,no odd smell,smells exactly like what you expect from a coffee based E-liquid. Sweet,milky taste will go well with your daily morning coffee. Two Thumbs Up! :)

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