Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hangsen Cola E-Liquid Review

Oh, Hangsen. One of the best Liquid makers in Asia based in Hong Kong. This is a review of their Cola flavoured E-liquid. 'Red Cola' to be exact as they also produce 'Blue Cola' which is Pepsi.(God knows what's the difference) But yeah smell wise,one of the most legit smelling E-liquids out there. Rich,sweet cola aroma you get when you eat those cola candy's. Love it! The taste? Woahh,the taste is just amazing! Cola at it's finest! When you inhale,the taste builds up in your touch and once your exhale,BAM a gush of refreshing Cola taste on your tongue. Brilliant! Throat hit is heavy,due to the high nicotine level I got,you can't go wrong with 11mg or even 0mg,flavour would be awesome. As this is 50/50,the vapour you get on this E-liquid is superb! You don't need to worry about that here! Get it here at

+Wonderful Flavour
+Nice Authentic Smell
+Good strong Throat hit
+Loads of Vapour

-None really...

Conclusion: One of the best,if not the best E-liquids out there. I don't think brand really matters,Hangsen,Liqua,Dekang..if you choose Cola,you'll get the best refreshing E-liquid taste out there! 5/5

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