Saturday, 23 February 2013

Salem E-liquid Review

***PG Based not VG as stated in the video.
This is the Salem liquid review from Taste USA. This is a good refreshing E-liquid. Good for hot and sunny days. Fruity flavour is nice and menthol is pretty strong. Not too overpowering and not too light. Perfect for mixing with any other liquids.

+Menthol is strong
+Good fruitty After taste
+Universal Mix Liquidx
+Good Vapor Production

-Abit of a weak throat hit
-Smells like cough syrup
-taste nothing like the real salem liquid

Conclusion: Overall you can't really go wrong with this E-Liquid. Good for a hot day,cool on a rainy day. Best for the first vape of the day. Kicks off your day with a bang. Thumbs up 4/5.

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