Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lavatube E-Cigarette Review

This is a review of the Lavatube Variable Voltage E-cigarette. It's one of the more advanced PV(Personal Vaper) out there but it's not that hard to use actually. I personally recommend this as it comes with a very attractive price. If,of course you get it from the right place. It's always sold out pretty fast so do contact me and i'll try my very best to link you to the best manufacturers of this product. The design is very nice,chrome finish is certainly a stand out among all the E-cigs and for it's price,it's really well build. 510 connector comes in handy as most clearomizers and cartomizers come in 510 connections. The screen that come with this device isn't a 'Retina' by any means but it does the job. It shows the ohm of the clearomizer or cartomizer you're using and also the voltage and battery indicator.  It's a variable voltage device so it can go between 3v all the way to 6v's. That's really good for you to try out different voltages and set it to your personal preference. Comes with two 2200mAh batteries which will last an Average vaper around 2 days. Which is really really good! Battery takes around 5 hours to charge. Vape prodcution and everything is what you expect from a VV device.

+Ease of Use
+Shows Ohm
+Well build
+Variable Voltage

-Might be too big for some
-Chrome Scratches easily
-Screen isn't the best
-isn't the most accurate in displaying ohm

Conclusion: The Lavatube is a very good device for Beginner/Experienced Vapers. Instead of splashing RM800+ for a Provari,why not get something that does the same thing,at 1/4 of the price? Even famous Reviewer Pbursado gives this a Thumbs up! So I would say,you can't go wrong with getting this :)


  1. bro,I am newbie for vapor..
    could u recommends me vapor that suite beginner with a affordable prices.

    thanks man.

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