Sunday, 3 March 2013

KGO E-Cigarette Review

Ah, the KGO, one of the most well known E-Cigarette starter packs in the market. Cheap,looks good and does the job. It always runs out of stock so make sure if  you are interested in getting one,buy it before it's too late. The KGO pack comes With 2 1100mAh batteries and 2 CE4+ cartomizers(Review in my blog). These are really good cartomizers but in my opinion not the best for a standard voltage device. These 1100mAh batteries can give you about like 10 hours of vaping time at 3.7V and surely last you an entire day of normal vaping. The batteries feature a 5 click On/Off safety feature so you will not press it accidentally.  They look super sleek too with the Boge XL Cartomizers. The down side is that this is not a variable voltage device,so it's hard for the device to give you warm vapour on high resistance atomizers. Anything higher than 2.4oHm will be a problem.

+Sturdy & Well build
+3.7V of output power
+Battery last a long time
+Good amount of vapour production
+small & easy to carry around

-Non Variable Voltage
-No battery level indicator
-Can't power High Resistant Atomizers

Conclusion: Beginner? You can't go wrong with this. Very good basic battery that does the job for you. If you are a more experienced vaper, then I don't suggest you go for this as it will not satisfy your high resistance cartomizers. 4/5

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