Monday, 2 December 2013

Vapor Mad Project 14500 Mod

Heard of the strum mod before? I never actually. Until I saw this mod and asked the seller. Well basically the Strum has been out a long long time ago by a modder from Vaporwall. A local malaysian vendor decided to copy it's design, but changing some aspects to it. it's a 14500 mod. If you're lucky enough to find a 14650 then it's way better to use it. I basically paired up this mod with my Arrow Rebuildable which is 16mm. This mod measures to about 18mm in diameter. It's a tiny, sleek looking mod with amazing firing. The pure copper contacts on it just adds so much power to this mod. The switch is amazing, it's smooth. Really really smooth. The lock ring doesn't fail and it's made of brass which makes the mod look really nice in my opinion. Overall a very decent mod for the price. Retails around $60. Get this at

+Sleek and nice
+Threads are bang on
+Fires like a champ

-Not an original design
-14500 batteries are weak


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