Sunday, 1 December 2013

Taifun GT Clone Review

China has upped their game, now copying the Taifun GT. The Taifun GT has been out for quite some time but only now they decided to clone it. Well, maybe they took their time that's why this clone is basically a Taifun. It's nearly impossible to tell which is real and a copy. The threads are the same, which mean you can use the Original parts on this. The box is the same too. Look out for the 'R'. It's a better quality clone. People refer it to the TAIFUN GTR(LOL).  And it comes with serial numbers. DAFUQ. Well, enough said, if you are good are rebuildables, the taifun is the way to go. Offers are fantastic vape once setted up right. Like in the video I've said, if you don't set this right, you'll get flooding, dry hits, a horrible vape. But for a mere $20, it's a no brainer to get this. Too cheap not to buy. It's 23mm though, so a Chi You will be perfect for this atomizer. Get this or

+Great vape once setted up right
+Build Quality Superb
+Threads with Orignal Taifun Parts

-Not an Original Design

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