Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Chi You Clone with New Logo and 4 Season Sleeve

The Chi You clone, probably the mod that made me what I am today. When I reviewed it, never would I have expected the views it could get. It gained me a whole load of subscribers too. Thank you guys so much! So here it is, the Chi You clone with the new Logo. No idea who makes this. Doesn't look like Hcigar. But hey, it's top notch in build quality that's for sure! It has brass contacts just like the real Chi and it's pretty awesome. Love how the new logo looks, and the 4 season sleeve adds abit of class to it. Ridiculous how Mojo sells the 4 season sleeve for about $70 while this whole mod cost $40. LOL. Overall it's a hard hitting mod and is made perfect for my Taifun. 23mm looks just right and beautiful :) You can get this at for international buyers, link will be updated TQ.

+Good build and threadings are awesome
+Engraving is pretty decent
+Switch is better than the old Chi Clone

-Not an original design

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