Sunday, 1 December 2013

Kayfun Lite Review

Ah, the KAYFUN LITE! So far no reviews of it that is Negative. Seriously everybody lovessss the Kayfun. I so happen to love it too. Well, I got it for the sake of owning a Kayfun. There are clones out there, the most famous one, the Russian 91%. As you guys know I do own one and I love it so much I decided to splash the cash for the Kayfun lite. Paid about $130 for it. Money well spent? Definitely. Build quality is good, the design is just stunning. Svoemesto must be a really techinically gifted person to think of such design. Each vape you take you will crave more. Surely the best Atomizer of the year! You guys can pay more and get the 3.1 which is bigger and has adjustable airflow which this does not have. Get this at 

+Build quality
+Good price compared to the 3.1

-No adjustable airflow (I found the airhole to be perfect)
-Quite expensive for some

COMPARISON Between Kayfun Lite vs Russian 91%

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