Sunday, 1 December 2013

VG-T by Jemit Ekal

Jemit Ekal, or as referred to as Abang Jemit is a local Malaysian Modder. He makes three mods as of now, namely the Asset , Barong and the VG-T. VG-T stands for VapingGadget Telescopic. It is a telescopic mod that fits 18490 and 18650 batteries. 18490 mode is kickable. It's the cheapest among the three mods at a price of Rm280 ($100). Even though it is cheap, it's one of the best mechanical mods I've used. I'm still using it until TODAY. My everyday go to mod. Made out of 316 Stainless still with brass accents. It has a voltage drop of 0.1 volts which is stunning for the price of it. Looks wise, it's debatable, it's not the best looking mod in the market but I'm over it. 22mm it fits perfect with my Russian/Kayfun. Performance is topnotch and it never fails me. The lockring is not reverse threaded but still, never get's stuck. Brass contacts proves that copper and silver doesn't always win. One of the best mods of the year definitely. This is a WIN. Get this at

+Build quality

-brass is quite soft(Lock switch gets dented when dropped)

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