Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Strawberry Mint DIYBlend E-liquid from Vapus.com.my

Hey guys! Finally got my first of 17 bottles of free E-liquids kindly given to me from the good folks at Vapus. So first off,this is purely an honest review and not influenced by any means. Okay,strawberry mint made by Daniyal from DIYblend,repackaged by Vapus, 12mg. 70/30 PG based. How does it perform? First off the smell is nice,you get like a F&N kind carbonated drink strawberry smell to it and also a minty smell at the end. Flavour wise,it's pretty decent. The mint takes up 85% of this E-liquid though so it's more of a menthol vape. Menthol lovers would no doubt like this. I'm personally not a methol lover,but this is a good refreshing vape. It touches your tongue with a slight hint of strawberry and then burst into a nice cooling mint sensation. It's not like a 'BOOM' menthol but it's nice enough to sooth your throat. Throat hit as I say on all my DIYblend e-liquids,it's not really 12mg. More like 6mg in my opinion. But it's good. I really enjoy this vape.

+Smells nice
+Taste is a fresh cooling strawberry mint

-Menthol based(subjective)

Conclusion: Well I really liked this and thus I would recommend this to any menthol lovers or someone who would want to have a menthol liquid lying around just for a vape on a hot sunny day. Get this at www.vapus.com.my and insert COUPON CODE: 'DIYFAN' to get discount :)

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