Friday, 26 April 2013

Mango Peach DIYBlend E-liquid Review

After testing alot of DIYBlend E-liquid, I can safely say their E-liquids are pretty darn good for it's price. Of course I haven't tried any of the US liquids but so far DIYBlend does not disappoint at all. This is mango peach. And from the name,well it does smell like mango peach,but the peach smell is pretty overpowering. So do keep that in mind. Vapor production on this is pretty decent as well,from what I can conclude from DIYBlend,you won't get disappointing vapour from them. Flavour,hmm this is non menthol,and it taste kinda like a fresh peach. Not much sweetness in it,but the peach is pretty strong. If you're not a peach fan,then well,it's definitely not for you. The mango is there,but ever so slightly there. Throat hit is pretty alright,not too strong,but not really too weak. It's balanced,I would say..6mg?

+Nice smell
+unique peach taste

-mango not really there

Conclusion: Well this is an 'Okay' E-liquid for me. Maybe of not a fan of peach? Just maybe,but I know some of you out there would really enjoy this E-liquid.

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