Friday, 5 April 2013

Liqua Citrus Mix E-liquid review

Liqua has so far never disappointed me,so this is my fourth Liqua E-liquid. Citrus mix..How does it perform? Well it's safe to say this is a pretty decent juice. One of the more 'mild' flavour juices out there. Which I personally really like. The smell is a  like orange/lemon mix. So no nasty chemical smell there. Vapour production is as good as it gets. On standard boge carto's they perform really well. The flavour is a very unique one. It is a sourish/sweet tangy orange flavour and on the exhale you get this dry lemon taste. Very refreshing indeed! The flavour is on the mild side so it's not too strong and on a vivi nova it might taste abit tasteless. Throat hit on 9mg is nice and satisfying.

+Nice smell
+Nice and unique flavour

-none really

Conclusion: Well this is an e-juice I don't think anybody can hate. It's just nice,not too strong. Good for a daily vape. Mix this with other E-liquids to get a different taste! 4/5

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