Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Honeydew DIYBlend E-liqud from

Honeydew flavour e-liquid! I love honeydew,so how this this fare? Well,straight off I would say this is a pretty nice juice. It's menthol based though,so I would probably call this Honeydew Mint! Made by the famous Daniyal who makes the P.O.P and stuff. This is a good quality E-liquid. The smell is a nice milky honeydew. No idea why I can smell milk in it,maybe in general honeydew smells like that. It's definitely an artificial honeydew flavour like the candy's and also honeydew milk(if you drank it before). Vapour production on this is pretty nice. It's a fresh honeydew flavour but kinda covered up by the menthol. It's not a super strong menthol but it's definitely noticeable. It touches your tongue with a nice honeydew flavour and stays in your mouth for awhile. I personally love the smell of honeydew so this is a really nice one for me. Throat hit is alright,isn't the best but it does the job. Go to and use coupon code 'DIYFAN' to get discount :)

+smells like honeydew
+tastes like honeydew

-mint a little bit too overpowering

Conclusion: Overall,this is a good flavour to get,refreshingly good,definitely a nice vape on a hot sunny day. Thumbs up!

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