Friday, 26 April 2013

Mango DIYBlend E-liquid Review

AH,a review of my favourite fruit,Mango! So I've been using this E-liquid as my daily vape now. As I said in the video, I usually have 2 mods with me wherever I go,1 is for a non-menthol vape and 1 for a menthol vape. And this is definitely one of my favourite flavours. For me I kinda like this more than the Highly rated POP. Just in my opinion anyways. The smell is kinda shut out by the mint,OH by the way this is a menthol based E-liquid. So it's basically 'mango mint'. The vapour production on this is pretty good. I got it setup on my IGO-L and it's performing like a boss! The flavour is nice. I wouldn't say it really taste like mango,but it has a nice menthol balance to it. That's why I like it. Not too strong,not too weak. The mango is there,touches your tongue with a pretty nice tingle of mango but other than that nothing too spectacular. Throat hit is just okay,nothing to special.

+Nice balance of Menthol
+vapour production

-mango not that dominant
-label does not say mint

Conclusion: If you're looking for a nice fruity minty vape,go for this. This is awesome. Strawberry mint and Mango is probably my favorite now. Thumbs up!

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