Monday, 15 April 2013

IGO-L Rebuildable Atomizer Review

This is my first Rebuildable Atomizer(RDA) . I would say  this is a more for the advanced vapers as you will have to build your own coil,and work in small tiny spaces. The IGO-L is a relatively cheap RDA and more of a beginners RDA. I recommend this for you if you want to try it out. It's pretty basic,just 2 post,1 positive and 1 negative post. A silica wick wrapped with kanthal/nichrome wire connected to both of the posts. Sounds easy? Not really. Well it really takes practice to perfect the art of rebuildables. Just be sure to be prepared as you will get frustrated along the way. But at the end of the day,you'll be very pleased with the performance. My setup was 1mm silica wick folded 4 times and wraped with a 32AWG Kanthal wire with 4 wraps. That gave me 1.3ohm of resistance. The flavour you get on a RDA is intense. Nothing like you've ever tasted before if you are still using carto's,and clearo's,well expect flavours you never thought existed in your E-juices. Vapour production is good too but if you drill out the air hole,you'll get tons of vapour. But also you will get a very airy draw. There is so much you can do with this,single coil,dual coil,Quad coil! Silica wick,cotton wick,ceramic wick,hybrid mesh wicks. The list goes on! So surf around youtube,there's alot of tutorials out there on how to build these perfectly. Links are also in my video so do check it out! Overall,i'm pretty pleased with this! Thumbs up! 

Video Tutorials:
Vapelyfe Tutorial
Pbusardo Tutorial
Andy Sutton's tutorial

There's a drip well to hold your excess e-liquids

Not the most beautiful devices out there

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  1. hey ...which tank u recoomend me for a k100