Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caramel Popcorn DIYBlend E-liquid from

Hey folks,this is Caramel Popcorn made by Daniyal from DIYBlend. Bought this from Vapus for a price of Rm18. This is hands down my favourite e-liquid. I probably say that in every review. But trust me,there are ALOT of e-liquids that I've tasted that did not even make it to a review. So this is really good. 70/30 PGVG ratio. 12mg of nicotine. Caramel Popcorn,it smells like corn. It's a hard smell to describe but it doesn't really smell like popcorn. Vapour production on this is pretty decent. Nice amount of vapour. But the best thing is,the smell of the vapour is really fantastic. It smells like a Cinema! You know those caramel popcorns selling in a cinema? Yeah smells exactly like it! The taste is amazing! It's a caramel taste,with this weird transaction to a corn like taste. Definitely a must try! Love the flavour on this. The throat hit is also pretty decent. Not the best.,but does it's job.

+Amazing smell
+amazing flavour
+Pretty cheap(compared to Tastyvapor)

-Better throat hit maybe?

Conclusion: Try this. Seriously,you won't regret.

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