Saturday, 4 May 2013

A small update!

Hey guys,thanks for sharing and viewing my blog,for this last 3 months of running this blog,there's been alot of postive feedback and support. Thank you guys so much. Also we are reaching 7000 views! Can't imagine how successful  this blog would be. As you all know,I am a student. And I am very near my Final exams now. So I'm really really sorry the blog will be slowly updated! Because written reviews take much more time to write compared to shooting a review video. So please bear with me. Once I find time, I will write the written reviews. If you can't wait,then it's easy, head over to my Youtube channel at and you can see more review videos up there quicker than the blog. But if you fancy high quality pics and written reviews, don't worry the blog will be updated for sure. Just need some time! hehe thank you guys so much for the support. Appreciate it. Vape On peeps!

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