Tuesday, 14 May 2013

German Chocolate Cake from Tastyvapor.Us

Another E-liquid for you guys today,this is german chocolate cake! According to the Tastyvapor website,German chocolate cake is basically chocolate cake with coconut frosting on top. This is definitely one of my favourite flavours. Got this from Sharky and it's from the Kuantan Vapers. They got it from tastyvapor and rebottled it and added nicotine. The smell is a bakery shop smell,not really pleasing but yeah it smells like those shops you go into to buy bakery products. Not the smell of baked cake,but the smell of all the stuff needed to bake a cake. LOL. Vapour production on this is pretty good. I got it setup in my AGR Carto tank,2.2ohm boge carto and my Lavatube vaping at 4.2 Volts. Since it's 80/20 PGVG ratio it's pretty decent in terms of vapor. Flavour on this is AMAZZZINGGGG! You get like a cakey chocolate taste in your mouth,with a hint of sweetness and also coconut! It's hard to describe,but it's really like vaping a cake. There's abit of butter in it too. Which I really really like. Throat hit is decent, 6mg of nicotine. Pretty alright.

+Flavour is great!


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