Friday, 31 May 2013

Paddle Pop by Ace Vaporz Production

There is a new juice maker in the market,and in my opinion,if you want to fight with the big boys,you have to be creative,think of a unique flavour and make it a signature,this is exactly what the folks at Ace Vaporz did. 'Paddle Pop' is basically a vanilla/caramel based ice cream that is made by Wall's ice cream. I'm sure there are alot of similar tasting ice-creams as they have this rainbow like look on it. If you like that ice-cream,you'll absolutely enjoy this juice. It smells fantastic! Exactly like the ice-cream. Which is pretty scary. I can't help but think of them just melting the ice cream itself and added nic to it. It's a 60/40 PG based E-liquid. Non-menthol and 12mg of Nicotine. You can also choose 6mg or 0mg. The vapor production on this E-liquid is decent. By dripping,you can get tons of vapor,for me,I used a carto tank for this review and it produced decent amount of vapor . The flavour on this is really really nice. A perfect desert vape. Touches your tongue with a creamy vanilla flavour then changing into a sweet caramel aftertaste with loads of ice cream. It literally tastes like the real thing! I'm not even lying it is that good. It would be nice if they added just a drop of menthol to it though to give it a 'frozen paddle pop' taste. But still,it's a perfect desert/all day vape. Throat hit on 12mg is pretty strong. As I don't really vape 12mg anymore I find this a bit hard to vape,but you guys can chosoe 6mg if you think 12mg is too strong!

+Wonderful smell
+Fantastic flavour

-Could have added abit of mint(personal preferences)

Conclusion: This is a must have,and for a new company,this is surely going to make it big time! It's unique,and a flavour nobody can hate! Fantastic. There are a few more liquids they've sent me but that will be for another review! :)


  1. Bro, do you have the contact number for Ace Vaporz.....met them at the Vapefest yesterday in KL...lost their number..cant seem to find them on FB..the link appears to be broken..bought the Paddle Pop and few other flavours yesterday..need to buy some more...would appreciate if you could provide me witheir contact details...much appreciated...

  2. Can u give me the contact number ace vaporz? I'm very interested to this product