Tuesday, 14 May 2013

AGA T-2 Rebuildable Atomizer Review

Beautiful on a mech mod

Sorry it's been late but here is the review of the AGA T-2 rebuildable Genesis styled Atomizer. This is a pretty advanced piece of device because it is hard to build. There are tons I mean TONS of videos out there on how to rebuild this atomizer. So do check them out if you're interested in getting these type of atomizer. I say 'Type' because a genesis style atomizer is generally an Atomizer using a wick wrapped with wire. The juice will feed up the wick and produce vapor. Sounds easy? Not really,because the process is that you will have to oxidize the stainless steel mesh properly so that the atomizer will not short. And by wrapping wire on the wick,you might get hotspots and also very low ohm reading. Therefore if you're interested in getting this. I HIGHLY recommend you using a Mechanical Mod. First,because Mech mods are made for this kind of atomizers,secondly,Mech Mods don't have electrical circuit board on them,so techinically speaking the worst you can get is just a fried battery instead of a totally unusable Mod. The AGA T-2 is one of the cheapest rebuildable out there as it comes from china. But the quality of it is pretty decent. The tank which holds roughly around 3ml of E-liquid is made of pyrex glass so therefore it will not crack if you put in citrus/cinnamon based E-liquids. Okay so how is the performance of this,once you get it right(It's Hard),you'll get a very wonderful vape. The flavour you get on this is beautiful. So rich,so pleasant. Definitely WAY better than cartomizers or clearomizers. But that said,it's way harder to build and it will definitely leak if you throw it in your bag. So there is really a big difference between a Genesis style atomizer and a carto/clearo tank. To make it easier to understand, carto/clearo's are like a cigarette,easy to carry around,take it out and light it up and you're ready to smoke. The AGA T-2 is like a Cigar. A very different tasting vape,but hard to carry around. Vapor production on this is decent,it all depends on how you set your coil and also your air hole. The air hole can be drilled out to get more vapor,but also with a bigger air hole,you'll get very little to no draw at all. Then you'll experience a very airy draw. Throat hit is also very clean and smooth.

the setup,4 wraps 1.3ohms
+Build quality

-TOUGH to build
-Could be frustrating. Alot of patience needed

Conclusion: Well,if you're into this kind of stuff,or you have tons of patience,this is definitely something you should get. It's a wonderful vape. Personally I leave this at home,take it out once awhile to have a beautiful vape. But this never goes out with me,because of the leaking. So carto tanks are still the best if you're an out and about vaper.
it's important to not get hotspots

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