Friday, 31 May 2013

Mentos by Hidden Mist

Hey guys,this is Mentos by Hidden Mist. It's a local blend 0mg E-liquid with a 80/20 VGPG ratio. This liquid is made in Sabah! For you guys that don't know I'm from Sabah. Woohoo! So i'm pretty excited to try this E-liquid and really enjoy it. It's mentos. Straight up, a nice toothpaste like smell. The vapour production on this is insane. With a 0.6ohm dual coil and 2mm(x2) air hole. My Smok RDA pumps out clouds of vapor with this E-liquid. The flavour is very refreshing,I can keep vaping this just for the fun of it. There's a hint of sweetness,coolness to the vape,Not overpowering at all! It's a mild menthol vape and it's really fantastic. Throat hit is non-existent as there is no nicotine and unfortunately they do they make any liquid with nicotine. There are a few sellers of this E-liquid around so do check them out. One of them is my buddy Haidir . Just leave him a message in facebook and he'll deal it with you guys. Do check out the other flavours as they are awesome too!

+Nice thick vapor
+Sweet mentos vape

-Can't think of any

Conclusion: The fact I vaped 2 bottles of this E-liquid really shows how awesome this vape is. It's a nice vape,though it doesn't statisfy your throat,it does pump out loads of vapor and it's a refreshing all day vape. Two thumbs up!

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