Thursday, 28 March 2013

Health E-Cigarette Review

Got this because it is like 10 times cheaper than what I paid for the exact same device 4 years ago. I guess 4 years ago was the introduction for E-cigarette where auto batteries,atomizers and cartridges play a part in the E-cig world. But 4 years into the future,the Vaping planet has vastly improved in such ways never imagined. The introduction of Variable Voltage,recently Variable Wattage,Mech mods,Rebuildables have made these E-cigarette 'Nothing' compared to the big boys. So I saw it online and just decided to get it. For you guys who want to try vaping but do not want to spend a huge amount of money,this kit,Rm30 or more,is a steal. It does product vapour,it does have a auto battery with a LED that lights up(mimicking a cigarette) and most importantly gives you a throat hit that can take you away from cigarettes. Do I recommend this? Well,why not? it's not a huge amount of money you need to use to get this,and comes with 10 cartridges. That'll probably last you a month,and Rm6 top up for another 10? Damn,that's a good deal. No idea how long it would last you though,most probably 2 weeks? If so,you have already saved like Rm110 if you are a pack a day user. So yeah,definitely a recommended buy,but remember,I quote the legendary Grimmgreen: 'A vaping device that looks more like a real cigarette will not perform well if you're going into vaping'. Which is very true,this is by no means a good device if you are interested to go into Vaping. You'll be better off paying for a Ego or KGO.

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