Thursday, 14 March 2013

CE3 Clearomizer Review

Ah the CE3 aka the Phoenix,dubbed the dual coil Cartomizer Killer,does it live up to it's name? We'll see. A box comes in 5 CE3 clearomizers and 2 blunt tips and a syringe. A 2.4ohm atomizer and A standard 510 connection and 510 driptip capable. Bottom coil which means all your juice will be flowing in the clearomizer without problems of wicking. But,the main question is,is it good? Well,first off it's a pretty well build Clearo,holds around 1.5ml of E-liquid and the only way to refill it is via a syringe. Honestly,refilling it is a breeze,but you have to carry a syringe everywhere you go,that sucks. How does it perform,well vapour production on this is very very good indeed. Depending on the base of E-juice you have,this can pump out clouds of vapour even on the KGO it performs really really well. So vapour production wise,this is top notch. Flavour,this is where this fails pretty badly. I have a Vivi Nova and a Boge to compare to,and they perform WAY better than the CE3. The flavour is really weak and the draw you get is a very 'Airy' draw. Like you can't really feel anything until the smoke hit's your throat. The throat hit for this is pretty standard. Nothing special in particular.

+Good vapour
+No burnt taste(unless you crank up the voltage)
+bottom coil
+good build quality
+no leakage

-weak flavour
-airy draw
-quite expensive compared to the boge

Conclusion: Well,I wouldn't really recommend this,but if you are looking for a good vapour producing carto and doesn't push out a strong flavour,this will be the clearomizer to go to..

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