Monday, 4 March 2013

Liqua Apple E-liquid Review

Ah,Liqua. One of the most premium E-liquids I know of. Cost a lil bit more than the Hangsen and boy does it deliver! This is the Apple flavoured E-liquid. More coming definitely! This comes in a nicely presented box and the bottle is sealed and made out of high quality plastic with a slightly angled tip for ease of use. The smell that comes out of this is amazing,it smells like Green Apples! Just like how it is stated! Loveee the smell,even the vapour it produces smells like green apples! Taste wise,it's pretty alright,a not too sweet apple taste during the inhale and a roasted apple flavour at the exhale. Brilliant! Vapour production is decent,not the best,but it does the job pretty well! Throat hit on 9ml of nicotine is what you get,and I love it. If you are a smoker,this is the closest amount of throat hit you get from a normal cigarette. Get this at

+Smells GOOD
+Taste very good and refreshing
+Very consistent

-pretty pricey

Conclusion: Liqua is a really good manufacturer and I'll definitely buy from them more often. Superb taste and good quality product. Thumbs up! definitely a daily vape!

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