Saturday, 23 March 2013

Innokin iClear 30 Clearomizer Review


The Innokin iClear 30,one of the latest clearo's out in the market,dubbed 'the best' by reviewers such as Grimmgreen,Pbursardo,Vaporchase. Does it live up to it's name? Well,I saw it on Vapebrothers for Rm40 the other day,and even though it's one of the most expensive clearomizers,this is pretty much a bang for you buck. Features a stainless steel body that can be removed,a 3ml tank,a rotatable drip tip and a crazy 16 wick coil head and a very nice 'ipod' like packaging. It does perform ultimately very very well. Why? Like the vivi Nova,it has the same concept,the coil head is on top and the wick pulls juice up to the atomizer. Why does this perform so much better compared to the Vivi nova,it's very obvious actually. 2 wicks vs 16 wicks,who wins? You will get absolutely I mean absolutely NO burn taste on this. The wicks does such a good job that your atomizer will always have juice in it. Well,maybe if your Clearo is close to empty,then you might experience burn taste but for me,I always fill it up after it goes down to half. Vapour production on this is INSANE! Insanity at it's very best,I know some of you a drippers,and I guess dripping will give you more vapour but for a clearomizer,this performs beyond expectations. As I love doing those long dragon puff's,this is perfect for me. And I really really love seeing vapour come out my mouth! Flavour on this is good,as good as it gets actually. Clean,pure flavour of your E-liquid. and throat hit? Pretty much spot on,depending on the juice you put in,you'll get that amount of throat hit. Is there any negatives to this? Well the screw in drip tip can be annoying sometimes,because you can rotate it to any angle you like,some people may like it,some people may not. For be,it doesn't bother me. Just wished I could change the colour of it that's all. Refilling this is a breeze. No problems whatsoever. And leaking? Non-existent.

+Vapour production 5 stars
+Clean flavour
+no burn taste
+no leaking
+well build
+nice packaging

-Non really..

Conclusion: Well,if you properly read the review,and you don't own one. I think you're pretty dumb not to go purchase one NOW. Like right NOW. it's sold out everywhere in the US,so far no cheap knockoffs yet,so go get yourself one and vape away!! 5/5


  1. Hi there,

    Just wanna say, its great that I found this blog of yours. Hope in future to get more reviews and info.

    Anyway, I just myself the iclear30. For me its the best vivi nova styled clearomiser. Vapes really well, lotsa flavor and vapor. There are few things i didnt quite like, the drip tip. It could have been made smaller and not too thick. The other thing is the draw, air flow could be tighter.

    I am also wondering what are the wicks made it silica or cotton?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading the review. Well I am pretty sure it is a silica wick. Will be interested to try out cotton wick's though. Heard it's really good. :D