Thursday, 21 March 2013

Vivi Nova 3.5ml Tank Clearomizer Revier

Oh yes,after a month of using,shooting 2 reviews and had to re-shoot due to some problems,I can finally write a review! So this is the vivi nova. What's so special about this? Well it's a Rebuildable clearomizer which has A coil head with wicks on top going all the way down to the bottom of the tank. Special? Yes. Efficient? Nope. Well how this works is the silica wicks are supposed to carry the E-juice from the bottom to the coil head. Unfortunately it does not always do that especially if you have VG based E-liquid,so I suggest you tip it upside down before you take a drag. Comes in 3 parts,the plastic tank,the coil head and the body. There's nothing to talk about the tank,it's just a 3.5ml hard plastic indestructible tank. And the body is just some metal/chrome finish. How does it perform? Well,vapour production you get on this clearo is mad. It's just one of the best there is. Flavour? It's pretty damn good. You get more flavour out of this than any other Clearo's I've tested..Throat hit? Equally as good. But throat hit for me always depends on your E-juice. Sounds like a pretty good clearo right? Well,alot of awesome reviewers like this,I personally do too,but the fact that it has the problem of wicking makes me not really use it that often. That said,let's see the PROS and CONS..

+Fantastic vapour production
+Looks fantastic

-WICKING PROBLEM(VG based E-juice)

Conclusion: Well,there's only one Con to this,and that con is so big that I don't really recommend this. If you're not lazy like me,then get this,it's pretty darn good. For me? Well,I'm going to get a Stainless steel mesh and make myself a SS coil head. that's right. so stay tuned for that!

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