Monday, 11 March 2013

Liqua Berry Mix E-liquid Review

Liqua Berry mix by GoRichty,No doubt one of the best sellers in the market,but how does it perform? Well,first off this is a very unique E-liquid. Berry's are something alot of people like as they put it on pancakes,juices,cocktails and Etc. This juice really replicates that unique taste to it. Smell wise,it's quite dull to be honest. Maybe it's because Berry's are generally not strong in smell. But you can definitely smell a sweet,sourish berry smell. Flavour is unique. A sourish/sweet hit when it touches your tongue and after that comes a sweet berry exhale. Definitely a very nice vape indeed. Throat hit on 9ml of Nicotine is alright,not that heavy and definitely not light at all. As this is a PG based E-liquid,vapour production is pretty average. Nothing to spactacular on my Boge XL carto's. Get this E-liquid at

+Unique Flavour
+Wonderful aftetaste
+perfect for a dessert kind of vape

-Not everybody would like a sourish vape
-kinda pricey

Conclusion: Definitely one of those E-liquid's you will enjoy. I still can't get over the fact of how unique it tastes like. Really good E-liquid. Two thumbs up!

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