Friday, 8 March 2013

Boge XL Cartomizer Review

If you are looking for good cartomizers,look no further,the Boge is the brand for you. Present in the market since E-Cigarettes were made,Boge makes one of the best consistent cartomizers in the market. It's a very simple design which features a single coil,a wick,510 connection. That's it. The beauty of it is you can drip in your E-juice with ease and leakage is present but very minimal. Pre-filling this takes a bit of your time but it's nothing to hard to this. The carto can handle 0.8ml of juice.Performance? Very good. I bought 10 of these and all 10 work flawlessly well. Being SR(standard resistance and LR(Low resistance), you can choose your carto's resistant. I recommend just buying the Low resistance as it is a better overall vape. Vapour production is decent on this,depending on the juice you have. I recommend using PG based juice as it will be easier to fill on this. Wicking a VG based juice will be fine but will take a break in period. Flavour? Best. You can probably get the best flavour out of this carto and I am not lying at all. Throat hit? It depends on your nicotine level. I personally use 9mg and it does the job very well.

+Well build
+Good vapour
+Amazing flavour

-Could have made a bigger size
-Need a drip tip to perform well

Conclusion: Overall a very pleasing product for me to review. Absolutely love this product and give it a two thumbs up! You can't go wrong with this at all!

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