Monday, 4 March 2013

Hangsen Litchi/Lychee E-Liquid Review

Oh my,this is amazing! I'm not over aggregating,this is really awesome!! Litchi/Lychee is a fruit originated from China and is famous for their candys,fruit and juices in asia. It's a very unique fruit and it's something you have to try to believe! Hangsen makes alot of different flavoured juice but I must say since they are a Chinese based company,they made this really close to perfection. The smell and taste is exactly like how it tastes like from what I've come across with. Wonderful! A sweet,lychee flavoured vape is what you need everyday. Vapour production is pretty decent too,for a PG based E-liquid it's good. Throat hit on 12mg of Nicotine is strong and nice enough to satisfy your cravings. Get it here at

+Smells like Lychee
+Taste like Lychee
+Wonderful aftertaste

-Some might not like Lychee
-vapour production could be better

conclusion: the bottom line is,if you like lychee,I am very sure you'll love this. If you never tried it before,I dare you to try it! Definitely a two thumbs up!

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