Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dekang Cola E-liquid Review

So previously I reviewed 5 dekang E-liquids that were absolutely horrible. You might be thinking why am I getting another Dekang?!?!?! Well,first off,this is Cola. And I loved the Hangsen Red Cola and I was passing by this shop that was selling this so I went and smell it first. It smells similar to the Hangsen red cola so I decided to just get it. It turns out a pretty nice E-juice. New packaging,nice tip and better quality bottle. Vapour production on this E-juice is solid. PG based but it does the job in that department. Flavour? A good cola taste. Very similar to Hangsen Red cola flavour. Throat hit? Pretty good..

+Nice bottle,tip
+Smells like cola
+Good refreshing cola flavour

-Not much to say really..

Conclusion: Well,this is an overall pretty good vape. If you love cola,you'll love this. Hangsen or Dekang,you pick. They are both from China and both similar. So yeah, thumbs up!

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