Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Liqua Traditional Tobacco E-liquid Review

So,an E-liquid flavour from Liqua that is Tobacco based. How is it? Well,it's pretty good to be honest. Smells like a sweet caramel tobacco and taste? It really does taste like tobacco. A kinda sweet spicy tobacco to be exact. On the inhale,it taste kinda sweet,tobacco'ish taste and on the exhale you get that dry spicy tobacco you get from smoking filter cigarettes. Vapour production on this is pretty alright. Not alot of vapour but enough to give you a satisfying vape. Throat hit? 12mg nicotine on this gives you a good enough throat to satisfy your cravings. I don't recommend you getting this if you just stopped smoking though because your taste buds will be kinda weak and so the flavour would taste pretty nasty for you.

+Taste like tobacco
+Good throat hit

-If you're a non smoker you won't like this
-not everyone likes tobacco based E-juice

Conclusion: If you miss tobacco taste,get this. That's all I can say. This is the closest you can get without having to smoke a cigarette. thumbs up!

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